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Digital Timeline: The Evolution of Search

12 Dec.  Posted by:
In : SEO
12th December 1993 In search engine world, where Google owns over 50% of the market share, it’s easy to forget the likes of Bing, Ask and AOL still exist, let alone those no longer with us. Take JumpStation for instance. Created by Scarborough-born Jonathon Fletcher whilst...

Black Friday UK: Who will win the social media battle?

27 Nov.  Posted by:
Social Media Black Friday
What does Black Friday mean for the UK? From Kardashians “breaking the internet” to Louisiana BBQ popping up on just about every menu going, it seems like 2014 has been a year of American invasion on UK culture. If that wasn’t enough, the mass, panic buying hysteria of Black...

How to get your Social Affiliate offers right this Black Friday

26 Nov.  Posted by:
As the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend looms, Nic Yates, Affiliate Marketing Manager at Silverbean, discusses the importance of getting your affiliate offers right during this key period, to avoid negative press and to protect your brand online. As the growth of social...

All I want for Christmas: Our Top Picks for Cyber Monday 2014

25 Nov.  Posted by:
cyber monday
Cyber Monday is a phrase coined by and the date Americans return to work following Thanksgiving. In the US, Cyber Monday sees a sharp increase in online spending, which coincides with online price reductions. Such activity is influenced by the high-street sales of...

9 tips to prepare your PPC account for Black Friday

20 Nov.  Posted by:
In : PPC
Black Friday
So it’s that time of year again… With Black Friday just around the corner, it’s crucial to get your PPC campaigns up to scratch in time for the masses of online holiday shoppers in search for a bargain. So just how big were Black Friday sales in the UK last year? Here are...

YouGov Profiles: The new audience profiling and mapping tool for agencies

17 Nov.  Posted by:
In : CRO
audience mapping
Do you know your customers? It may seem like an obvious question, but at a time when audiences experience and engage with brands in more ways than ever before, do you really know? Traditionally, customers are defined by age, gender, location and spending habits. But online, there...

How To Protect Your Brand Online

12 Nov.  Posted by:
Protect your brand online
The world of online business can be a veritable minefield, especially when it comes to protecting the brand you have put so much time, effort and money into building. Spamming, cybersquatting, SEO manipulation and intellectual property theft are just some of the threats that your...

Smoothie Talkers: Four Content Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Innocent

07 Nov.  Posted by:
I absolutely love Innocent. I’m far from alone in this; their smoothies, juices and veg pots sell by the thousands each day across the world, but it’s not their products that I’m so enamoured with. What I really admire is their tone of voice used throughout their content...

Recognise Your Weaknesses to Improve Conversion Rate

29 Oct.  Posted by:
In : CRO
One of the core ideas of Conversion Rate Optimisation is finding the main obstructions to users trying to complete your goals. There are countless ways that users can lose confidence or be put off, so it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to on site optimisation...

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