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Digital Marketing: Making the world a better place?

Towards the end of last week, SearchEngineLand published a fantastic article in which search marketers shared their views on the ever-so-common existential crisis: “AM I MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE?” The data was compiled by PayScale, a company that […]

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Careers at Silverbean: SEO Content Writer

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international ppc post
Google Mobile Update Study
mobile header seo post

PPC Marketing Tricks for the Travel Industry

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Love in the Digital Age

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Women in Digital: Tapping the Glass Ceiling

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Image shows a digital-related set of functions and a hand , the message being 'someone with their finger on the pulse'.

Digital Timeline: The Evolution of Search

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Image shows a mobile phone doubling as a shop-front, with the words 'Black Friday Sale' on the screen.
Image shows a pile of presents in multi-coloured wrapping paper.
Image shows a lady with shopping bags in each hand, with the focus on the shopping bags.
Image shows a crowd of people looking into the distance, it could be a big festival or sports event for example.
Image shows a boy in a mask and cape, standing over a city - he looks like a superhero.

How To Protect Your Brand Online

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Image shows a child shouting down a foghorn.
Image shows a shopping basket with an arrow pointing into it, a pie-chart in the background and a graph showing an uplift - the message being around converting site visits into sales.
Image shows Lauren picking up the blogger award.
Image shows a penguin, mid-flap.

Penguin 3.0: Early Results and Analysis

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Image shows a map of the world with the slogan 'Global Success' in the middle, with arrows pointing out of the slogan to various countries.
Image shows Bianca, the feature of the article.

PPC Staff Development

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Image shows the Grim Reaper, in relation to your SEO, suggesting your SEO could be in trouble.

Are the latest website trends killing your SEO?

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Image shows a panda bear's face.
Image shows a pile of gold coins.
Image shows two PC screens showing the CRO process of A/B testing.

Learn Your A/A’s before your A/B/C’s

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Image shows a spoof advert in Greggs' name, which states 'Greggs: Providing shit to scum for over 70 years'.
Image shows a hand holding a speech bubble. On the speech bubble is a crown with the word 'content' beneath it, the meaning being 'content is king'.
Image shows a spider graph with 'affiliate marketing' in the middle. From this middle bubble are other bubbles, each showing an essential component to affiliate marketing, such as people and computers.
Image states 'https'.

It’s Official: HTTPS is a Ranking Factor

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Image shows the blog title: 'Guide to Keyword Intent' with the additional text of 'converse' or 'convert'.
Image shows a computer keyboard and mouse.
Image shows a screenshot of a computer screen.

Technical SEO tweaks you can do In-house

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Image shows a rather stressed lady with PC and mobile phone, her hands in the air, wondering if her site has been penalised by Google.

Has my site been penalised and what can I do?

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Image shows a globe on top of a pile of dollar bills.
Image shows a person with a shopping cart for a head.
Image shows a red carpet with the blog title on it: The Importance of Customer Feedback in CRO.
Image shows a shopping trolley full of goods, with the blog title on the image: 'Improving Your Cart Abandonment Rates: 5 Areas To Focus On'.
Image shows the Easter Bunny next to several Easter eggs, on a luscious emerald lawn.
Image shows the word 'Polyvore' over the image of a big city at night.
Image shows members of the Silverbean team in various karate-style poses.
Image shows a road tailing off into the distance.
Image shows a mobile phone and a big city, all in relation to the blog title: 'The Mobile High Street'.
Image shows the blog title.
Image shows a screenshot of a website's shopping basket.
Image shows a British Airways aeroplane, mid-flight - the blue sky is full of white fluffy clouds and it's a beautiful day.
Image shows a lady shopping online with a bank card in her hand.
Image shows a still from the film version of Oliver Twist, when Oliver is asking for more porridge.
Image shows a man in a suit, walking past a sign that states: 'Closing down, everything must go'.
Image shows a girl browsing on her mobile phone.
Image shows a row of cartoon men, with a pen drawing a smile on them.
Image show Marilyn Monroe. Pouting.
Image shows a data line on a graph, plummeting downwards.

Are you killing your conversion rate?

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Image shows a heart made out of pink roses, with a note attached stating: 'Be My Valentine'.
Image shows four ladies wearing highly-expensive finery.
Image shows a selection of mobile phones, all linked up to the internet.

CRO For Mobile Websites

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Image shows a pair of mobile phones, each showing a different online voucher code.
Image shows a selection of clothing and shoes, including skirts, a blouse and a high-heeled shoe, all with the price attached.
Image shows a globe with Saturn-esque rings round it, signifying a business expanding globally.
Image shows a still from a John Lewis Christmas advert, broadcast in 2013. The still is a cartoon-film of a bear, deer, owl and hare.
Image shows a speech bubble stating: 'oops!'.

Why your UK brand will fail in the US

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Image shows an astronaut on a test jump, having just landed on the ground following a parachute jump.
Image shows a link in a metal chain.

Link Earning 101

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Image shows a credit card with a gift-ribbon attached to it.
Image shows the Silverbean workforce in a group, smiling and cheering.

Office Culture – Silverbean Style!

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Image shows a toy soldier, standing in the snow. It's a delightfully wintry scene.
Image shows a person offering a cash tip.
Image shows a picture of the Tyne Bridge on a gloriously-sunny day.

Back to the Classroom for BIMA D-Day

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Google Hummingbird: The Death of Long Tail?

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We’re Hiring – Freelance Copywriters

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Everything’s Dead. Get Used to It.

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Creating The Perfect Remarketing Strategy

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When ad placement goes wrong

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The Basics of Local SEO

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Memes and Digital Marketing

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Breeding Innovation

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We’re Hiring – Marketing Analyst

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The Top 5 Pay Per Click Tools

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The Top Five SEO Forums

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Five SEO Claims to Make You Run

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penguin lifting

Who to Follow for Expert PPC Advice

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Google Panda Set to Strike Again

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Conference Bingo

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Attracting and Converting Customers

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How to Create Loveable Marketing

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Do you speak Espanyol? We’re hiring!

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The High Street Versus Ecommerce

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Does Your Marketing Suck?

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How to Balance your SEO and PPC

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Search Engine PPC in Focus

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PPC: In It For The Long Haul

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Are 404 Errors Affecting your Rankings?

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Get to Grips with Real Company Stuff

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