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Improving Your Cart Abandonment Rates: 5 Areas To Focus On

22 Apr.  Posted by: Sophie Gradon
77% of online shoppers abandoned their carts in 2013, at a cost globally of $3 trillion, the majority of them on sites selling fashion or electronic goods. While there are many reasons why carts are abandoned, there are just as many tactics that the shrewd e-commerce store can...

Why Easter Is A Great Time To Increase Brand Loyalty

17 Apr.  Posted by: Layla Grant
When we decided recently to flex our market research muscles, it didn’t take long to decide what topic to look at, or to whom we should be reaching out. With Easter fast approaching it seemed an optimum time to get some insight into retail and family-related activities over this...

The Power Of Polyvore: Social Commerce Case Study

14 Apr.  Posted by: David Bean
Despite a name that sounds like some kind of lab-grown synthetic material, and a relatively-tiny number of staff compared to other major social platforms, Polyvore has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s most dynamic, innovative and resoundingly-popular online communities....

We’re Hiring – Freelance Copywriters

10 Apr.  Posted by: Lisa Kelly
In : Careers
Silverbean are looking to expand our team of copywriters to produce high quality and engaging content pieces. This is a freelance role offering fully flexible working hours and payment per article.       We are looking for writers with experience in: Fashion Health...

Come Dine With Silverbean: Karate Kids become World Champions thanks to our support

09 Apr.  Posted by: Sophie Gradon
Silverbean has helped two Karate students become World Champions through a fundraiser inspired by a hit channel 4 TV show. Sisters Sadie Stoner and Holly Stoner, from the Dokan karate club in South Tyneside, are part of a twelve student team selected to make up a third of the...

Driving Toward A Digital Horizon: The Automotive Multichannel

04 Apr.  Posted by: David Bean
To date, the automotive industry has been perceived as slow to adapt to the digital revolution. Unwilling to engage strategically, hesitant to make a leap of faith, they look as though they’re falling behind the curve. In large part this is because the traditional model of print...

The Mobile High Street: Mobile Bricks & Mortar

31 Mar.  Posted by: David Bean
2014 is, as predicted by many, gearing up to be the year when retailers’ investment in mobile channels really starts to take off, especially tablet devices, which now account for 85%+ of all mobile sales. Here at Silverbean we decided it’s well worth keeping a close eye on what...

Silverbean & Northumbria University: Digital Matters!

26 Mar.  Posted by: Lisa Kelly
In : Careers
It’s been a busy month at Silverbean HQ between comedy club team socials, experimental cooking with Silverbean “Come Dine With Me” and of course a great deal of hard work as the days grow longer. If that wasn’t enough, two members of the Silverbean team Tim Pike and Nic Yates,...

Are You Our Next Digital Marketing Executive?

25 Mar.  Posted by: Sarah Nielsen
We’re currently looking for a talented digital marketing executive to join our ever expanding team. The successful candidate will assist with the day to day smooth running of a number of our affiliate programs across our major brand portfolio. The right person will be...

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    Posted by Sophie Gradon, April 22nd, 10:19 am
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    Posted by Layla Grant, April 17th, 12:50 pm
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