Women in Digital: Tapping the Glass Ceiling

Gender imbalance in the workplace debate is nothing new. Whilst it remains consistently relevant in today’s working world, it’s a tale as old as time, albeit under scrutiny more than ever thanks to frequent media coverage and hefty social media discussion on the matter. Our internal discussions lead us to wonder where our attitude to Read the full article…

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How to Make Content Marketing for the Travel Industry ‘Plane’ Sailing.

According to Google’s 2014 Traveller’s Road to Decision research, 65% of travellers research online before deciding where or how to go on their holidays. What this means for travel brands is that it’s important – nay, imperative – to make their online content as informative, inspiring and influential as possible, so that when those potential Read the full article…

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3 Ways Agencies Help Ecommerce Pros Make Better Decisions.

Some eCommerce professionals are reluctant to embrace having an agency working alongside them. They’re concerned about the possibility of their position becoming devalued. However, in our experience, the most effective eCommerce campaigns, whether SEO, affiliate marketing or PPC, come from a very close relationship between internal eCommerce staff and agency consultants. I’m a firm believer Read the full article…

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Maximising the buyer journey for PPC travel campaigns.

Planning a holiday can be a long and daunting task that requires in-depth planning and research, making online travel a complex and challenging industry. In this post, we take a closer look at the travel market and understand the behaviour of holiday planners as they move down the purchase funnel, and how you can relate Read the full article…

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Love in the Digital Age.

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of, the world’s most successful online dating website. With Valentine’s Day (a.k.a the Season of Lurve) nearly upon us – a time traditionally used for wining, dining and doing things exciting – we thought we’d take a look at the influence the digital age has had on pro-creational pursuits, Read the full article…

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