A VERY Quick Poll: Do You Like Google Plus?

google_plus_logoMyself and other members of the team here at Silverbean have spent a lot of time publishing posts and predictions around Google Plus and it’s importance in the world of SEO. As much as I understand why we should be using Google Plus and the benefits it can bring, I personally am not the biggest fan (shock horror!).

Recently, I’ve had a handful of conversations where the person I’m talking to isn’t much of a fan either and it’s led me to question: does anyone really like Google Plus? Now for one I am certainly not criticising those who do, I’m just interested in some feedback from others in the marketing world.

So today I ask you:

Are you a fan of Google Plus?

I’d really appreciate your feedback using my very quick survey below.

If you’d like to provide reasons for your feedback, please use the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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