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Blog Outreach: Does the Early Bird Really Catch the Worm?

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Link Building is a major part of SEO and one of the post popular methods of link building at the moment is blog outreach. There are a lot of opinions out there regarding how the pitch and content of an outreach email can affect response rates, but have you ever considered that the timing of your email could play a large part in getting that response?

After reading a post from SEOmoz that states Friday is the best day to outreach to bloggers, I decided to run a little experiment to see how the results might differ. I contacted a sample of bloggers within a range of industries using the same template and recorded the day and time of their responses. The idea of this was to discover the best time to contact these people with hectic schedules and increase the chances of getting a reply.

What is the Best Time of Day to Outreach?

As a marketer you are usually tied to office hours which means that you need to make the most of your time available and ensure that your emails are not going to get ignored.

A whopping 78% of bloggers preferred to respond after 12pm which means that postponing your outreach until the afternoon may be worthwhile.

Best time graph

If you outreach before 12pm you are running the risk of missing out on the opportunity as your email will be pushed to the bottom of the bloggers inbox by the time it reaches 2pm.

The same theory applies for after 6pm. How often would you respond to an email landing in your inbox nearing the end of the day?

Response time graph

Which is the Best Day of the Week to Outreach?

This may be an obvious one but as a marketer you should avoid, at all costs, outreaching over a weekend as only 5% of the bloggers replied during this time!

Likewise, Monday probably isn’t the best day to outreach either as most people’s inbox will be full to bursting, causing your window of opportunity to be minimal.

As Tuesday approaches, bloggers are more than likely to be in full work flow now that Monday’s back log is out of the way.  This momentum is also likely to continue on Wednesday.

However, by Thursday, the weekend is approaching quickly and this is your perfect opportunity as people are more open to suggestions. Friday isn’t great as people are finishing their workloads ready for the weekend which is likely to affect your chances.

Picture your own world, Mondays are hectic and Fridays are going out nights.

Best day graph

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