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Social Media: How to Build a Buzz Online

In the age of digital, one thing that seems to have both enchanted and baffled companies the most is social media and how to effectively use it. Social media is one of the top tools that should be in any company’s marketing tool box, and there are plenty of online marketing agencies offering their services in this area. However, before you take the plunge, here is a guide to how social media can be used to create a buzz online:

Listening Carefully Is Key

Social media is a large conversation, and as with any form on conversation it is wise to listen to what is being discussed before diving in. So before a company starts posting on social media and trying to gain loyal followers and shares, it is imperative that they to listen to what their target audience are buzzing off currently. There will be similar themes, opinions and tones recurring throughout the buzz, which will give some insight into the target audience and give an advantage. This can be used tailor the company’s social media voice to fit in with that of their target audience.

Be Professional with Personality

The key is in the name ‘social media’. It’s a place where people want to communicate and connect with other people, not brands. However, if your brand is seen to have a personality, it is far more accepted by the community. Each company needs to find their own individual balance of brand and personality in their social media marketing, and it is advisable to seek the advice of online social media experts to help get this right.

Social Media Policies

Due to the fact that when a company posts on social media, they potentially reach millions of people globally, it can only take a simple mistake to severely damage or even completely ruin a reputation.  If a business plans to encourage staff to have input into their social media channels, it is important to set out clear rules and guidelines.

Even if staff aren’t contributing directly to the company social media channels, things posted on their own social media could still impact. This is why you commonly see employees of companies clearly stating ‘all views are my own’ on personal social media accounts.

Measuring the Buzz

Measuring social media optimisation methods used to create a buzz and the substantial results (such as increased website traffic, etc.) achieved from this is the key to the ongoing success of your brand’s social media presence. By measuring these results you can isolate areas for improvement and aspects that worked well and can be increased or continued, and areas that altogether flopped. You can also look at the elusive results (such as positive associations with the brand, increased awareness, etc.), which cannot be defined or measured but can still be an indicator of how well the campaign has worked.

In summary, social media marketing is a cost effective and beneficial form of digital marketing that must be monitored carefully to ensure the right message is being conveyed. With the help of social media experts, many companies are able to discover the innumerable benefits of having an active presence on social media.

Sarah Atkinson

Digital Marketing Executive

A very worthy runner-up for the ‘Exec of the Year’ award at last year's Beaners, Sarah has been with the agency since 2012, joining us as Search Marketing Executive. She has a degree in Business Information Technology with Entrepreneurship and considerable experience of SEO, keyword research, link-building, content marketing and social media, helping her creative inventive new search campaigns for her clients N.Peal, Charlotte Tilbury and Paul's Boutique. Sarah now divides her working day between the SEO and affiliate teams, as part of Silverbean's staff secondment scheme. She's also our resident fashionista and always looks impeccable, so naturally she’s the obvious choice to work on campaigns for clients within the luxury and fashion sectors. She has an infectious laugh, a brilliant sense of humour, and never fails to keep the rest of the team entertained on the infamous Silverbean Socials. Plus, with Sarah-isms like “My brain is broken; I’m sat wondering why my fork smelt metallic” as standard, there’s never a dull moment.

Words to live by...

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

What do you love about working at Silverbean?

The thing I love about Silverbean is that we have the opportunity to learn and grow by trying new things. Having the opportunity to learn Affiliate Marketing as well as Search has been the highlight of my career so far and allowed me to expand my skills and create campaigns with a multi-channel approach. I've also made some great friends during my four years at Silverbean, and the socials are a particular highlight of mine!

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