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If you’re interested in working with us:

If you work for a UK or European brand:

Maria Duddin, Head of Sales

+44 (0) 191 406 1200

If you work for an Australian brand:

Annabel Gray, Associate Director

+61 (0) 417 735 452

If you’d like to become an affiliate or partner for one of our clients:

Anth Bingham, Senior Affiliate Manager

+44 (0) 191 406 1200

If you’d like a quote, or to invite one of our people to speak at your event:

Hannah Strong, Head of Marketing

+44 (0) 191 406 1200

If you’d like to speak to us about recruitment and new roles:

Rebecca McDonald, Head of People and Development 

+44 (0) 191 406 1200

If you have a finance query:

Rachel Lowes, Head of Finance & Operations

+44 (0) 191 406 1200

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