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About Silverbean

We’re experts in optimising digital performance.

We employ specialists, not generalists, and our overall approach to digital keeps optimisation and data at the core of everything we deliver. Since 2002, we’ve developed our service offering to provide intelligent and advanced digital marketing strategies for our clients.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, one of the UK’s most thriving regions for digital, tech and creative businesses, we boast a large team of digital experts who represent our flourishing agency way beyond the North East.

Be the agency that can take our clients to the next level

From digital strategists and paid marketing pioneers, to data-geeks, content & social media whiz-kids and affiliate marketing maestros, our growing team is one of the best in the business.

We work with an array of clients from a wide range of sectors, some on an international scale, so we understand diverse markets and create unique solutions to suit the needs and goals of each individual business.


We get the industry experts working on your business objectives.

Certified channel experts will work together as a unified team to optimise your digital marketing performance across multiple disciplines. You can collaborate with some of the industry’s most experienced digital practitioners on new ideas and opportunities.

We invest heavily in recruiting the best people to deliver our services, then maximise their skills through continuous training and mentoring.

Our agile approach keeps you one step ahead.

New opportunities can be seized, new channels tested and different tactics explored immediately, without the politics of multiple agencies. We specialise in budget optimisation and provide reports to show where your investment is best placed, using verified data to back up our strategies.

We work efficiently to a clearly defined set of shared objectives to build a competitive advantage and are consistently evolving our services to find a better, more efficient way of doing things.

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Here's why our clients love us...

Let’s face it, in a highly competitive digital world, you want to see the fruits of your investment and be kept consistently informed. With monthly reporting and a completely transparent bespoke project management system, we deliver visible results. The work we do with our clients is, to us, a partnership, so we want to be accountable for the ideas we generate, the campaigns we create and results we achieve.

We believe in providing insight in a succinct, jargon-free way, so your Board of Directors can appreciate the brilliant work we’re doing for your campaigns, too, allowing you to work positively towards your digital objectives.

More about us:

New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

General enquiries: 0191 406 1200