Our mission is to Make A Mark.

We do this by looking after our people, who look after our clients and others that need our help.

That is what matters.

Looking after what’s important

We know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we’re no different. It’s our people that make us what we are, and these people are great. It’s important to us that our colleagues know just how much they’re valued and respected by the agency itself. We’ve created an environment where people can go to senior leadership if they have an idea for a new service, tool, software or even a way that they think the agency could be run better, and actually feel listened to. All of our thoughts count, and all of our opinions matter. 

Being in it together is a big part of life at Silverbean, and this runs right the way through to our work with our clients. We step in and take responsibility if we see a teammate struggling to hit a deadline, or offer help if they need to get to grips with something they haven’t done before. Starting at the ground up, this level of collaboration and teamwork makes us all part of a well-oiled machine, achieving great results that keep our clients, and us, happy.


Looking after our clients

We appreciate that our clients have enough to do, so the more of their headaches we can take away, so they can focus on doing a great job, the better.  We do this through:

  • A thorough and smooth onboarding process, driving action and impact from day one
  • Complete transparency, so they can see as much or as little of the actions we are taking as they require 
  • Giving them confidence they are in safe hands with experts who will provide data to drive strategy and decisions
  • An actionable feedback loop, so we can ensure expectations are being met and exceeded
  • Giving them a bunch of lovely people to work with who will remember their birthday, have their back when they need something last minute and be there to assist with any challenges, even if they aren’t affiliate-related!


Healthy work/life balance

We know that our people do their best work when they are fresh, energetic and can balance their working hours with their life.  We encourage hard work, but we also encourage sensible working hours.  

We trust our colleagues to do the work, so why can’t people work from home when they want to? Or march to the beat of their own drum with fully flexible working? Well, they can. Being flexible with our approach to where and when we work gives our colleagues the opportunity to do the things they need to do outside of work at a time that’s convenient for them. 

Is the 4pm screening of Fast and Furious 14 the only one with seats left? No problem. 

Delivery driver with your weekly shop showing up between 11am-2pm? No problem.

By treating everyone with respect and trusting them to embody our values, we strike a perfect harmony between our home lives and our work lives.     

Giving 100 days of our time to help others

It’s great to spend a day doing something for a charity or cause that we love. But it’s not enough. We know the impact a day of our time can have, so we thought, what’s 100x better than a day of our time? That’s right, 100 days of our time. 

Every year, Silverbean sets aside 100 days of fully-covered salary for its people to go out there and make a mark on the world. Anything is an option, from litter picking to developing strategies and website improvements for charities that we love. 

We have individual colleagues running marathons and raising money for their charities, groups of people out picking litter to keep our coasts and seas clean, to full teams of people giving their time to helping charities with their digital strategy. 

We make sure that every second of our 100 days counts.

We are proud that our people enjoy the work they do and the environment we have created for them to realise their potential.

We are regularly recruiting for new people to join our growing teams across the world, if you are interested in becoming our next superstar affiliate and partner marketer please browse our open positions or send your CV and covering letter to work@silverbean.com.