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Optimising Investment

Are you making the most of the affiliate channel? Many businesses have ‘tested the waters’ with their affiliate marketing efforts – but few manage to generate meaningful, valuable ROI. At Silverbean, we are the experts when it comes to identifying opportunities for growth and maximising your existing affiliate schemes. We also create a strategy that continually generates new opportunities for growth, often without increasing your budget. 

All in all, we take your current affiliate investment and create a plan that maximises growth, drive conversions and optimises that all-important ROI. 

So, how do we achieve that?

Market experience

While you know your sector inside and out, we’re experts in the affiliate channel with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. Together, we’re an unstoppable force. 

Our vast knowledge and expertise in the affiliate marketing channel allow us to constantly stay ahead of a shifting market landscape and keep your brand in front of partners who are consistently generating meaningful and tangible results.

Technical setup

How do you know if your Affiliate Marketing Programme is reaching its full potential? If you have seen the channel’s growth stunt or even decrease in recent months, it may be that your customers are facing technical difficulties at certain points in their buying process. Our technical team are well-equipped to identify issues and areas for improvement in your Affiliate Programme, so you can start making the most out of the channel in no time.

A varied mix of partnerships

Affiliate marketing presents a wide array of opportunities for investment – from voucher codes to influencers, content publishers and cashback schemes. The channel can drive significant growth against a variety of objectives and can reach customers at different points in the buying journey.

However, many brands are yet to tap into the full potential that the affiliate channel has to offer, focusing their activity heavily on one or two partners generating bottom-of-the-funnel activity. This far from an ideal way to reach new audiences, and it can also mean you’re missing out on a bounty of opportunities for your brand. After all, everyone knows relying on one or two key accounts in sales can spell danger for business. 

Silverbean uses market experience to diversify your affiliate mix, spreading investment across a variety of different channels and diversifying the content mix will help to generate better results. Learn more about our strategies in our case study for The Ambassador Theatre Group, the UK’s leading online ticketing retailer. The results were impressive; by diversifying the affiliate mix, we reduced ATG Tickets’ cost-of-sale and boosted sales in regional target markets. 

If you’re keen to find out how content can drive your Affiliate Programme forward, or you’re becoming too reliant on one or two key partnerships, get in touch to find out how our expert Affiliate Consultants can help.

Other services

Brand Protection

Effective brand protection gets your brand seen by the right audience, generating the right level of brand awareness through affiliates you can have confidence in.

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Affiliate Programme Consultancy

We use our intrinsic knowledge of the industry to take your return on investment to the next level, getting bigger and better results for your affiliate programme.

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Affiliate Recruitment

Recruit the right affiliates to maximise your returns. Our affiliate recruitment campaigns are designed to drive brand awareness, website traffic and sales for your brand.

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Influencer Management

With access to over 3.5 million influencers across the world, we are uniquely positioned to put your brand in front of new audiences on a global level.

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Existing Affiliate Programme

Transform your existing affiliate programme and activate your sales potential using our comprehensive channel strategies.

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Lead Generation

Affiliate marketing is a proven method to generate leads for your business. In its very nature, the affiliate channel is highly measurable and therefore can be finely tuned to drive sales in chosen areas.

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International Expansion

International Affiliate Marketing has the capacity to grow your revenue by 400%. We're experienced in taking brands global, working with brands in over 15 territories.

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New customer acquisition

Attract high-value customers through strategic partnerships. Our new customer acquisition strategies take your brand to untapped markets, connecting with the right audience for you.

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