Results that matter.

Grow your market share and rank highly on SERPs with Silverbean’s approach to search partnerships.

Organic and PPC search affiliates

Dominating key SERP results is key to success. To ensure our clients gain all-important visibility we work closely with content and search affiliate partners to rank highly for long-tail term search queries.

By using content publishers with a high domain authority, we also strategically target non-brand keywords. This increases clients’ share of voice within a key search term – and therefore increases market share.

What does a successful search affiliate partnership look like?

Optimising your product feed

Brands can dominate search engine results pages with product aggregators through organic and paid results, as well as with CSS partners through paid shopping ads.

The key ingredient to success is the quality of your feed. This will directly impact the performance of your affiliate campaigns and your wider digital marketing channels.

When optimising conversion rates through feed management, quality and consistency are crucial. Ensure your feeds are regularly updated, whether this is through an API or as frequently as your affiliate platform allows. Your feeds should also have all of the commonly required attributes, and ideally you should also add attributes based on specific partners’ requirements.

Optimising your search affiliates

Your partners rely on you to share important data on performance, stock levels, margin, and price competitiveness to optimise their campaigns. One approach to optimise these results is to prioritise or de-prioritise different areas of your feed such as products, brands or categories based on this. This ensures that your partners are sending traffic to valuable, high-converting, and, importantly, in-stock products.

Effective feed management benefits all affiliates that use your feeds. However, we’ve seen particularly strong performance growth by optimising feeds provided to CSS partners. Awin revealed that traffic, sales and conversion rates through CSS partners all grew at a significantly stronger rate than other publisher types in 2020, and this relatively new group of affiliates now accounts for ~5% of their retail advertisers’ sales.

For brands in competitive markets, CSS partners enable greater coverage and ownership of Google shopping results and therefore increased domination of search engine results pages, but only if your feeds are optimised effectively.

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