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New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

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New business enquiries:

0191 260 0716

General enquiries:

0191 406 1200


a fair, promising, fun and rewarding place to work

It’s about more than the 9-5, it’s about those extra perks that take a team from good to great and make them feel right at home, right from the beginning.

Why work at Silverbean?

With Silverbean, you’ll get the opportunity to work with like-minded, talented professionals who are at the cutting-edge of digital marketing.

We believe a healthy and happy team is intrinsic to a successful business. From pensions to on-site massages and legendary staff socials, we aim to create a workspace that people enjoy coming to everyday. Beaners also have regular opportuntiies to anonymously feedback their thoughts so, with Silverbean, your voice is always heard.

All our benefits

We make early mornings that little bit easier for our Beaners with a selection of fresh breakfast options.

We offer fresh coffee, fruit, yoghurt, cereal and a wide selection of teas. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Once every quarter, we invite a professional masseuse into Silverbean HQ to give each member of staff a massage.

Health and wellbeing is a huge part of our culture at Silverbean, and our onsite massages rank as a top benefit in our feedback surveys.

Part of a healthy, happy and motivated workforce is having the right fuel.

From popcorn to protein bars, fresh juices to coconut water, Beaners have access to healthy snacks and refreshments all day. However, there is also a ‘Naughty Box’ with chocolate and crisps should you need a sugar boost.

Enjoy your birthday with an extra day of holiday in addition to your 22 days standard allowance.

Even if your birthday just happens to fall on a weekend, we’ll make sure you get your extra day off in the form of a longer weekend.

On your bike!

We offer all Silverbean employees the chance to purchase a bike as part of the UK Government’s Cycle2Work scheme.

This allows staff to loan cycles and cycling equipment as part of a tax-free staff benefit.

The season ticket loan scheme for transport allows employees to purchase tax-free , long term train or bus passes to help them save money.

Money owed back to Silverbean is deducted from the salary pre-tax.

Together with a professional health service provider, we offer each memeber of staff an annual health MOT.

As part of this benefit, staff also have access to a 24 hour confiedntial employee assistance helpline.

Occasionally, the working day can go on a little longer than you meant it to, which results in working late into the night and little time to dash home and make your dinner.

In the event that you happen to work after 7:30pm, staff are entitled to purchase their dinner and claim the cost back as an expense, meaning food & fuel cravings can be tackled on those late nights at the office.

So go on, treat yourself to that steak! It’s on us.

In our time, we’ve been on some pretty awesome office experiences.

From a weekend trip to Amsterdam to afternoons spent playing Bubble Football, a French crepe chef in the office to cook us delicious authentic crepes and our upcoming trip to join the Circus. We like extraordinary experiences that get the staff out of the daily grind once in a while, to try something new and share something different with their colleagues.

There ain’t no party like a Silverbean party.

As our staff and clients will attest, we know how to throw a good knees-up.

Drinks, food, weekenders… you name it, we’ve got it. We also host the best Christmas party you’ll ever experience, with themed parties, exclusive entertainment and the annual Beaner Awards.

Don’t believe us? Check out our Facebook page for photographic evidence.

When your holiday allowance just isn’t enough, there’s the opportunity to purchase an additional three days’ holiday from the company, charged at your daily rate.

So if you’re away on a lengthy vay-cay, or need a bit of extra time off for R&R, the option is there.

We also offer staff additional days off in between Christmas and New Year when the office is closed.

In addition to the extra day off for your birthday, you’ll also enjoy the monthly Boss’ Birthday Breakfast Club!

This morning social does exactly what it says on the tin: a delicious breakfast at a venue of your choosing to chew the bacon fat with our MD & Founder, Neil Robbins.

Team members have enjoyed sinfully calorific breakfasts and healthy alternatives at restaurants across the city, and it’s a great opportunity to hang out with colleagues who share the birthday month with you.

Half a decade of service deserves one hell of a ‘Thank You’, so we don’t take this milestone lightly.

We’ve been going long enough to treat a number of members of staff to this special perk already. While we won’t divulge how spoiled they were to mark the anniversary, we will say that it involves a weekend away for the Beaner and their significant other.

Not a bad 1304 days work!

Keep those peepers in check. We’ll help you see why it’s important.

To ensure our staff all take care of their optic health, we offer all Silverbeaners a Free Eye Test.

Reports show that performance and morale can be negatively impacted by poorly peepers, so it’s a staff benefit we feel is really important for employee wellbeing here at Silverbean.

To accomodate a positive work-life balance (and to enable commitments like the school run or that Pilates class!), we offer our employees flexible working hours.

Beaners can start work late or leave earlier, providing it’s logged with their Line Manager and the daily quota of hours are ticked off.

You are the master of your own destiny. We just help you better prepare for it.

Our Employer Pension scheme is aligned with Government requirements and enables staff to contribute to their pension, whilst Silverbean also puts their fair share in every month.

Just think of it as an investment now towards that holiday home in the South of France.

Should the worst happen, we offer all Silverbean employees Death in Service insurance, protecting your loved ones in the event of death in service.

Ever had a job where you’ve been thrown in at the deep end as soon as you’re through the door? Yep, before Silverbean, us too.

From day one, you’ll receive full induction training, the chance to meet with every department head so you can understand more about our business and a bespoke progression framework that will help you achieve your potential at Silverbean.

We have our very own reward and recognition portal that gives us access to all sorts of discounts and benefits. It also has bespoke advice, guidance and support covering things like finance through to health and everything in between.

We will always do our very best as a company to look after everyone here. Sometimes though we might need a different type of support that might not always be work related. To help with this, we offer a confidential Employee Assistance Program.

Our Culture

A culture like ours can’t be bought or manufactured.

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New business enquiries: 0191 283 6988

General enquiries: 0191 448 7552