keepcalm1-300x300Some of these bad boys have been running since the dawn of time and from great content to a wealth of free tips, tricks, videos, webinars, guest posts, podcasts and tools, check out why the following 7 social media blogs are a ‘must sign up to’ for 2013.

Chris Brogan

Personable and human is how I’d describe Chris Brogan’s blog and as a New York Times best-selling author and CEO of a business design company, he knows a fair bit about blogging and claims to have been at it since 1998. Chris is a put your feet up and grab a coffee kind of guy but with professionalism that is anything other than casual. Recent examples of posts: Honey Badger Don’t Care (What You Want to Market), Work Hard Play Harder and Happy Birthday Harold.

Mari Smith

This lady’s really polished and if you’re looking for an American who can sell then Mari’s pretty much as good as you can get. She has almost 90,000 followers on Facebook so she knows a thing or two about getting social and from webinars and media appearances to really useful guest posts, this blog’s well-worth a visit. Recent posts include: How to Take Back Control of Your Facebook Newsfeed, 12 Ways to Optimize Your FB Marketing During the Holidays and Top Lighting Tips for Recording Quality Videos.

Social Media Explorer

Packed full of insights and analysis from some of the social media industry’s brightest talents, SME aims to present everything you could ever wish to know about, including: tricks of the trade, tools, tactics and a deeper insight into how social media can help digital marketing. SME’s ‘must read’ posts include: What is Engagement and How Do We Measure It?, 9 Ways Your Business Needs to Change to Become Social and How to Create a (Good) Blogger Pitch.

Duct Tape Marketing

If you’re a small business and you want to know how to compete with the big boys through online and offline marketing tactics then John Jantsch is probably someone you should be listening to. Often cited as a resource by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Forbes, this dude has got social media taped. Recent posts include: 12 Month Total Online Presence Action Plan, 6 Ways to Uncover Highly Targeted Referral Prospects and How to Guarantee ROI With Social Media Participation.


The SEO software producers have a reputation and brand image that is enviable to say the least and through a combination of professionalism and a somewhat quirky attitude they’ve managed to become one of the industry’s most successful software developers. With over 250,000 members in their community SEOmoz boasts a wealth of knowledge and talent a mere click away and the daily blog does nothing to disappoint. Recent posts include: the Ultimate Guide to Advanced Guest Blogging, My Favourite Way to Get Links and Social Shares and Post-Penguin Anchor Link Case Study.

The Social Media Marketing Blog

If you’re searching for a social media marketing blog then naming your blog exactly that is probably going to hit the mark more than most. And therein lies the ethos of this blog’s author, Scott Monty, who is not only the global head of social for Ford Motors but also ranked by Forbes as one of the top 10 influencers in social media on the planet.  Recent posts include: The Pressures of Content Creation, Why Talking Will Always Beat Shouting in Social Media and A New Twist on Content.


For the last 6 years the content marketing software and training team at Copyblogger have been preaching the virtues of great web content to anyone who will listen and with over 177,000 blog subscribers they appear to be spreading the message far and wide. The founder, Brian Clark, has been using content marketing before content marketing existed and as such he’s considered as one of the best in the business. Recent posts include: The Top Ten Ways to Get the Traffic You Crave, The Three Things That Viral Video Gets Exactly Right and The Martin Luther King Guide to Inspirational Copy.