If you’re new to the world of using social media as part of your online marketing efforts, or if you fancy cranking up your social settings just that little bit higher, then equipping yourself with the right tools is vital for making every little Tweet, comment and like, count.

Below (in alphabetical order) are seven of the best social media monitoring tools on the market today, and if you’ve got something to say, or you want to analyse exactly what’s hot and what’s not, then sign-up and snoop ‘till your heart’s content.

Facebook Insights

If you’ve got a Facebook page purely for business purposes, then right here is where you start monitoring and discovering just how well you’re engaging with the people who matter – your customers. In a nutshell: FB Insights lets you see how well your page is performing and provides you with information related to demographics, methods of discovery and levels of response.

Google Analytics Social Reports

This branded traffic tracking tool is all about analysing how you’ve turned your social pages into portals to actual sales, and how your company or brand is performing in the social arena. Google’s social reports allow you to produce graphs and stats related to your content and how it’s enabling you to achieve goals and conversions through social media.


If you’ve got numerous social media accounts then the all-encompassing Hootsuite allows you to manage them all on one dashboard. This award-winning tool enables you to submit messages to: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts without having to switch from one to another which can be remarkably handy if you’re a big hitter on the social scene.


If you want to know how and why your competitors are succeeding on the social playing field then Klout is the tool for you. Basically, Klout allows you to find out how great a social media influence you wield and gives you a score between 1 and 100. This is your chance to find out which of your shares, likes, interactions and conversations are actually of any use.

Social Mention

Discover who is mentioning your brand or product online so you can then begin to work out what makes them tick. Once you’ve found out who’s mentioning you then it’s possible to create social media campaigns to suit their needs so they continue to shout about what you have to offer. Social Mention is one of the most popular tools around and is all about monitoring who’s talking about you in the real time.

Sprout Social

This is a fab tool which allows you to monitor and analyse campaigns and social conversations as well as allowing you to publish content to the likes of YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Sprout Social works really well if you have more than one brand as it has a capacity to manage up to 50 different social profiles.


Social media search engines are becoming big business and Topsy provides real time information that’s been collected from who’s saying what within your industry. A great little tool if you’re hoping to keep up with what’s trending and fancy jumping on the band wagon.

Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck basically allows you to monitor mentions on Twitter as well as being able to respond in real time to any relevant Tweets. It’s also possible to add and schedule content to Facebook too which is especially handy if these are your main sources of social interaction. Easy to use and free so you can’t go far wrong.