There are numerous ways to attract potential customers to your site and from relevant back links, strategically placed within interesting articles, to well-versed and neatly scripted Twitter posts, the chances are that attracting people isn’t always an issue. However, what do you do with them once they arrive and how do you get engagement from them?

It’s like receiving an incredibly enticing party invite that promises fun, games and loads of booze only to arrive and discover that the whole party consists of you and a bloke wearing a fluffy rabbit costume and the only nibbles are 3-day-old cheese and pineapple chunks sticking out of a foil-wrapped cantaloupe.

So, if you don’t want to let down your guests and you don’t fancy the idea of them telling all of their friends how weird your party was then you need to engage upon arrival and ensure that you keep them coming back for more.


The chance to win free stuff is often too much to bear for some people and if you run regular competitions that offer prizes that are attractive and relevant to your visitors then happy days. Even better are competitions where you invite users to submit rich content, such as: reviews, videos, images etc. whereupon you can use the content on your site and offer a prize for the winner.


Regular blog posts are an excellent means of engaging with your audience and providing a comments box really opens up the communication channels. Users enjoy being appreciated so if someone does leave a comment then ensure you reply. Witty, interesting and current blog posts will all help to keep customers on your site and encourage them to share your content.


From dancing bunnies to rapping grannies, the viral video tsunami is showing no signs of abating in 2013. This source of rich content is not only highly engaging but it’s also extremely well-considered from an SEO point of view. How to guides, walk-throughs and an office sing-a-long at Christmas are all classic ideas for your next web video.


Now, I’m not saying that all visitors to your site will be procrastinating although, if you give them half a chance, they might well be. Games can be highly-addictive and will not only encourage people to stay with you for hours on end but will get them coming back to beat their best score. If you can find a game relevant to your product, for example: pinpoint the city in a blank world map for a travel company or shoot the moving Piers Morgan for the Rifle Association, then you’re laughing.

Daily updates

Ensuring your site is updated on a daily basis will keep it fresh and will encourage people to check you out to see what’s new. I read the BBC News website several times a day for obvious reasons and if you can think of a topic that’s relevant to your audience then write about it. The weather, current affairs, sports results, tidal flow, gossip, whatever you can think of to engage with your audience then get it on your site, preferable, in the form of a newsfeed.

Special offers

If you have a website then it’s most probable that you have a product or service and if you’re able to offer your product or service to your web readers for a special discount then they’re more than likely going to be engaged. Try to make your special offers unique because there’s nothing less-engaging than yet another boring 5% off deal.

Downloads/readable brochures

If you have a lot of information that you can’t share in the form of a web page then PDF that bad boy and allow your audience to read it at their leisure. Online brochures are also a great idea as you’ll be able to instantly show your customers products in a format that they recognise and feel comfortable with. Recipes, worksheets, review guides and maps are all great examples of how you can engage with your audience.