We’re not ones to brag, but there are many reasons why people come to Silverbean for bespoke affiliate marketing consultancy. Our contacts and experience in the industry are just two of those reasons. Brands who want significant growth in the affiliate channel come to us.

You may already be managing it well in-house, but have high hopes for the channel and need a little help to make that step change. If you are considering working on a consultancy basis, but aren’t sure what to expect, or fully convinced you will benefit, we wanted to provide a little further information to help with your digital planning this year.

So without further ado, here’s a run-down on what you can expect from a proper affiliate marketing consultancy service:

Keeping up to date

In a world where new social networks and technologies are being invented daily, it’s difficult for businesses to know what they should be getting involved in, and what is simply a waste of time.

Image shows affiliate bloggers that Silverbean work with. Silverbean do affiliate marketing consultancy

These decisions are unique to each business, and affiliate marketing consultants are able to focus on how digital changes affect your business and let you know how to act accordingly.

It’s important to keep up with competitors, but it’s also time consuming to research into what they are doing, all of the time. Any affiliate consultant worth their salt will conduct ongoing competitive research, let you know when you’re lagging behind, and make recommendations on what you should do to keep ahead of the pack.

Publisher Relationships

Relationships are invaluable to an affiliate program, and creating successful partnerships is a key ingredient to creating an effective campaign. However, the cost and time spent to facilitate this may not be viable for all businesses.

The Silverbean affiliate team work with a wide variety of publishers, many of whom can cross over into working very well with different industries and clients. We have strong relationships with the top players, including voucher code and cashback sites, but also value our work with niche content affiliates and bloggers.

We work with some very specialist publishers, and having these connections allows us to find out first about the best ‘blink and you miss it’ opportunities, and negotiate the best deals for our clients. We facilitate introductions between brands and key publishers to enable them to benefit from these relationships too, so they can run campaigns with more confidence that objectives will be achieved.

A good digital consultant will recognise the importance of a good affiliate mix, so that you are not reliant on any one type of publisher. On this subject, content publishers and bloggers are becoming more and more in demand. Silverbean has secured unique collaborations for our clients with big name bloggers such as, In the Frow, Glam & Glitter, and Shanda Rogers.

Image shows affiliate bloggers that Silverbean work with. Silverbean offer affiliate marketing consultancy

We have contacts all over the globe, and can put you in touch with these busy in-demand bloggers who you may not otherwise be able to work with, based on the fact that we have already gained their trust and made that working connection with them.

Image shows how Affiliate Marketing Consultancy can help build relationships with bloggers like Shanda Rogers

Network relationships & Budget Maximisation

First of all, it’s very important to choose the correct affiliate network for your business and your target audience. Different networks accommodate different budgets, and some are more suited to particular regions (e.g. UK, US) than others.

We make sure that you’re making the most of your chosen affiliate network, and using it – and your budget – correctly. For example, your consultant will check that your commission structure is set up so as to benefit you in the best way possible, generic and seasonal banners are kept up to date for affiliate use, promotions and deals are made visible on the network, and sales validations and queries are handled correctly and efficiently.

Previously, by auditing affiliate programs and ensuring they are set up correctly on the right network for the client, we have been able to make changes without compromising revenue, thus greatly improving ROI. Silverbean saved our client ATG Tickets £190k during our management in this way.


An example of this is our clean-up of our client Create and Craft’s  affiliate program. Before Silverbean took management, this client was paying out significant amounts of commission to several affiliates who offered no value in return for that commission.

We work with brands to maintain best practice throughout, and always look out for the best interests of the business.

We will perform an audit of your affiliate list, and based on our technical and industry expertise, make recommendations on any publishers we feel shouldn’t be on there, and those which are missing. We will help with recruiting new key affiliates, and ensure your recruitment emails, network profile pages, and website affiliate pages are sending out the right message to potential affiliates.

Communication and future planning

You will be assigned a key point of contact at Silverbean, who is available for you to contact whenever necessary.

In order to make the most of your Affiliate Marketing Consultancy service, it’s key that you keep in touch regarding agreed strategies, promotions, affiliate engagement, and recruitment. Your consultant will create a strategy for you, based on competitor research, gaps they may have spotted in your existing program (if you already have one), and your business’ long-term objectives.

Silverbean is even able to train you and your staff to ensure you’re able to properly execute the agreed strategies. Educating and up-skilling the team has obvious value, however it also ensures both Silverbean and the business are able to plan more ambitious, exciting strategies as knowledge and expectations grow simultaneously.

Lastly, your consultant will work in line with your budget, saving you money where possible, tailoring the consultancy package to suit your needs and financial resources.


Hopefully this post has answered a few of your questions and shown how Silverbean’s wealth of knowledge can be applied to your business at a very reasonable rate! It’s important that our plans are tailored to each client – what works for some may not work for all.

So if you still have any questions about Affiliate Marketing Consultancy, or any of our other Affiliate Marketing service elements, feel free to get in touch for a chat.