I LikeA recent survey concluded that the majority of social media campaigns are ineffective because companies do not allow enough time or budget for them to be effective. As marketers feel their way around going digital, their jobs are on the line if targets are not met and they are opting to play it safe with the tried and trusted techniques of traditional marketing rather than exploring the mysterious world of social media.

The report published by marketing information providers, Warc, comes to the conclusion that companies are not approaching social media campaigns with a positive attitude that it will work. They want immediate results and you´re not going to get a wave of Facebook followers overnight all of whom want to buy your products. Building a customer base rather than a fan base on social media networks takes time and craft.

It is understandable that companies are reluctant to plough money into a digital marketing program to which they have absolutely no idea what the outcome will be. Google has already shown they are not afraid to employ cutthroat tactics to webmaster who try to cheat the “level playing field” the search engine giant is endeavouring to create. Yet marketers seem equally unconvinced about the power of social media.

The Google conspiracy

Maintaining social media accounts, collecting followers and developing campaigns for leads and conversions is time consuming. Powerful companies with huge budgets employ teams of Facebookers and Tweeters to do their social media marketing for them. For small business owners on a budget social media marketing is not quite so easy.

The bigger problem facing small businesses is that inbound links that credit your site with the trust and respect that Google are looking for is steering towards social media networks as being the primary earner of link building. So much for the so-called “level playing field” Mr Cutts!

Regardless, social media marketing is not something SME´s can afford to ignore.

Social media mindset

Now you have your followers the key is to engage them. What makes them tick? Remember the principle purpose of social media sites is to share information – it´s not for advertising. Therefore don´t give your followers an advert, give them something to share or participate in.

Google claim they will support websites that earn their trust. Just as with any relationship, earning trust takes time and given that social media networks is the greatest tool for search engines to measure whether your site is worth visiting its worth investing time and money in social media marketing.