Today Marketing Week reported that Vodafone UK is currently boasting a higher customer service query response rate through Twitter than any other brand in the world that uses the site.

The report was carried out by socialbakers and looks at factors such as response rate, response time and answered questions versus ignored questions. Boasting a 77.7% response rate, Vodafone are comfortably ahead of the 45% worldwide average, and a quick look at their Twitter account proves they are exceptionally active, providing advice to customers who have queries and problems.



I recently wrote a post that emphasised the need for managing your brand reputation on social media channels, and this follows on in that in order to maintain your brand image, you need to be looking after your customers via all channels, not just those that you deem to be the most traditional or convenient.

Many see Twitter as a tool for marketing and for this purpose I admit it’s great, but fail to look after your customer base also, and you’re heading towards some serious complaints. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Twitter is a public domain, and the chances of your customers keeping quiet when you ignore them is getting slimmer by the day.

Following on are four tips for improving your customer service on Twitter, as demonstrated by the current No.1 for Twitter Social Devotion, Vodafone.

Acknowledge and Apologise

Don’t ignore your customers, particularly when they’re having a problem. Apologise and acknowledge their problem, even if you can’t fix it immediately.


Respond to non-complaints

Everyone likes to be acknowledged so try to reply to those who say good things also.


Show an Interest

Show a genuine interest in a customers’ complaint, even when they’re simply embarking upon some public abuse, as shown below.


Provide an Immediate Response

The longer someone waits for a response, the higher the chance of escalation and further complaints. Try to respond as quickly as possible. Vodafone are replying within a couple of hours, which, bearing in mind the number of customers they are dealing with, is exceptionally good.