We’re confident that the ASDA website will have had a pretty good day after a code for a free £50 spend spread across social media this lunch time.

With an office full of die hard voucher code enthusiasts it wasn’t long before one of us spotted this little gem for saving money.

The question is will they honour it, and was this a mistake or a (pretty impressive) PR stunt?

Being the nosey bunch we are we had to take a closer look at how this spread.

It looks like the original post came from a student deals page on Facebook at 12.40pm. With 373 likes and 559 shares it’s fair to say it had a decent start.


5 minutes later the deal went live on Twitter but with a surprisingly low number of retweets, maybe this just looked too good to be true.


Despite the slow start on twitter news soon spread with 2741 twitter mentions of ASDA as of just before 3pm today.

Plenty of happy shoppers were getting involved with the details of their supermarket sweep.


Twitter users are now reporting the site slowing and even crashing as shoppers rush to place their orders, but the code still seems to be working, did you get your order in today?