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A Wood Idea – PPC

A Wood Idea: Shopping Feed Optimisation


Comparing the three months prior to our strategy implementation to the three months after, we identified:

  • 34% reduction in CPC
  • 8% increase in ROI
  • 4% reduction in CPA

The key problem:

Having utilised shopping campaigns with positive results for almost a year, the client was keen to generate maximum
traffic for their media spend investment. With Silverbean launching their shopping feed creation and optimisation
service, this provided the perfect opportunity to put optimisation to the test and improve campaign performance.

Who is the client?

A Wood Idea are, as the name suggests, experts in all things wood. Selling and fitting a wide range of wooden floors,
doors and staircases, the company is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and sells across the UK. They aim to provide
customers with a super-efficient service and the best quality products, while maintaining their identity as a family

Core objectives of the campaign

  • Optimise shopping feed
  • Improve product attributes and descriptions
  • Increase relevancy of products to potential customers

The Silverbean approach to the objective


  • Optimise product attributes within the feed to improve quality
  • Utilise custom rules to create new campaign structure


  • Adding ‘Internal Doors’ to all titles
  • Setting product categories by extracting terms from URLs
  • Extracting colour from descriptions and adding to colour attribute
  • Replacing all capitalised words with standard case



in CPA

To find out how to drive your business forward with our results-focused campaigns, created to meet your business objectives, speak to Will or Hannah for a friendly chat today.


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