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Atlas Cloud – B2B

Atlas Cloud: Driving B2B Lead Generation


  • We grew the percentage of leads generated from the website from 0% to 12% (and growing) in 6 months.

The key problem:

Atlas Cloud has grown successfully year-on-year, but were reliant on client referrals, business networks and telemarketing to maintain that growth.  These sources, although still driving leads, were becoming harder to scale and less effective long-term.

Atlas Cloud were therefore looking to find a way to take the strain off these lead sources by driving inbound leads through the website quickly and effectively.

Who is the client?

Atlas Cloud are an award-winning cloud-based IT and storage solutions provider based in the North East.  Founded in 2010, their mission is to support businesses grow with tailor-made hosted cloud solutions.

Core objectives of the campaign

  • Initially we worked with Atlas Cloud to identify who the key target market was and what their main business needs and problems were.
  • We then transformed the design and content on the site to make the site journey clearer for users, simpler and more focused on solutions for their challenges.
  • We then launched a varied digital campaign, focusing on creating engaging content and building the domain authority to drive traffic through Organic Search. This was combined with the launch of targeted landing pages to drive Paid Search and Paid Social traffic.

The Silverbean approach to the objective


  • We identified the key needs of Atlas Cloud’s target audience to create relevant and engaging content.
  • We created a diverse inbound and paid marketing campaign to drive leads.


  • We completed a full customer insights project to define the target audience for Atlas Cloud.
  • We then undertook a full refresh of the website and user-facing content to better resonate with the target audience.
  • We also launched a targeted paid search and paid social campaign to drive instant visibility and leads.
  • We implemented a content-led inbound marketing campaign to create a more sustainable lead generation source in the future.

To find out how to drive your business forward with our results-focused campaigns, created to meet your business objectives, speak to Shaun for a friendly chat today.


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