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New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

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New business enquiries:

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Care Shop

  • Since we began the campaign, a 132% increase in organic revenue.
  • Increased organic conversion rate by 46% over the past two years.

Protec Direct

  • Increased average ranking position for tracked keywords by 13 places.
  • Increased quantity sold per transaction by 19% in the first year.
  • Lifted organic traffic by 20% despite serious pre-existing technical issues on their site.

Lockhart Catering

  • Six months into the campaign, we  delivered a 93% increase in organic traffic.
  • 106% increase in organic revenue.
  • Increase in organic transactions of 126%.
Image shows a white van with the bunzl logo on the side

The key problem:

Across the three BUNZL companies, one of the key focus areas is to simply increase revenue driven through the website. Our individual contacts are very switched on about what they want to achieve, and set financial and performance targets at the beginning of each year with us, in order to meet shared goals and propel their performance.

Who is the client?

BUNZL is a multi-national FTSE 100 company with an annual revenue of over £6bn in 2013. They were founded in 1854 in Hungary, but are based in London and are primarily a distribution and outsourcing company.

Of their many companies, we currently work with three – BUNZL Lockhart Catering (catering equipment), BUNZL Protec Direct (PPE and work wear), and BUNZL Care Shop (care home equipment). We now have a strong understanding of how BUNZL Group works, and a knowledge of the business practices within the industry. We know what works and what is feasible.

The Silverbean approach to the objective:

The three companies operate using a very similar online platform, which we are now very familiar with and look to have an input in every new development cycle of the software.

We advised on updating and creating highly targeted content across the three sites, focusing on different areas of growth for each, as well as liaising on technical SEO changes. We also help position the brands online in terms of online PR, content and brand building.

We are always conscious of the competition and strive to remain two steps ahead on every campaign we manage.

What the client says

Their professional yet personable attitude allows us to have a very effective working relationship. They are always at the end of the phone and nothing is ever too much trouble. Thanks to their hard work and ability to come up with creative solutions, we've already seen some fantastic increases - and the work has only just begun.

Caroline Johnson

Digital Marketing Manager

Image shows a white van with the bunzl logo on the side

BUNZL CHS - SEO case study

image shows bunzl logo in grey

We increased the monthly organic pageviews for this brand by over 800% in two years from blog launch.

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Image shows Silverbean client, Care Shop branding

Care Shop (Bunzl Group) - SEO case study

image shows bunzl careshops logo

We helped increase Care Shop's organic blog traffic by over 1000%! Read more about our impressive metrics with them.

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This image shows the Belgian store for client Godiva

Godiva: Customer Resonance case study

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Image shows Silverbean client, Ethical Superstore branding

Ethical Superstore - PPC case study

image shows ethical superstore logo in grey

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