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CheekyTrip – CRO

CheekyTrip: Increasing Mobile Conversion


Cheeky Trip’s main goal was to drive call volumes, therefore increasing bookings. As a result, our campaign led to a 12.2% increase in conversion rate for mobile device users.

The key problem:

Through user analysis, we identified that the core call to action was not being consistently presented to the user, therefore limiting their opportunities for conversion. This would have a negative impact on site performance, so was the first port of call for us when designing our strategy for Cheeky Trip.

Who is the client?

Cheeky Trip are a travel company, focused on comparing the top travel agents and tour operators via a single search to help users find the best trip for them.

Core objectives of the campaign

  • We analysed tools such as heat maps, scroll maps and Google analytics data to look closely at the performance of the individual product pages.
  • We developed a creative idea to solve the problem; a dynamically populated “sticky” call to action that held the call number in the user’s view on mobile. This meant that they had a clear way to convert wherever they were on the page.
  • We tested this solution to determine its likely impact, and once we were confident of its effect, when then rolled this out to 100% of traffic.

The Silverbean approach to the objective


  • Identify user frustrations
  • Build solutions to easy conversion and test effectiveness before roll-out


  • User engagement analysis
  • Data analysis of key pages and products
  • A/B testing a proposed solution



in conversion

To find out how to drive your business forward with our results-focused campaigns, created to meet your business objectives, speak to Stephen for a friendly chat today.


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