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Distance Learning College & Training (DLC) – CRO

Distance Learning College & Training: Increasing the Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate


  • Enhancing the CTA through the new Claim Your Free Career Assessment form saw a 46% increase in conversions through the course pages.
  • Including course-specific information and links above the fold lead to a 25% increase in users reaching the Courses page.
Image shows DLC and training

The key problem:

Distance Learning College & Training (DLC) offers a unique and valuable range of educational courses, with one-to-one support and resources for learners. DLC had found, however, that their website has not been converting as well as it could. Silverbean was tasked with improving the conversion rate of new users arriving on site.

Who is the client?

DLC is the largest provider of distance learning supply chain courses in the UK. Their student community is worldwide, with over 3,000 students studying with DLC across over 101 countries.

Core objectives of the campaign

  • Improve the number of leads created via the website.
  • Increase the number of new users reaching course-specific pages.

The Silverbean approach to the objective


  • Analyse quantitative data in Google Analytics to identify poor converting areas of the website.
  • Survey customers to identify what is most important to them when choosing a course.


  • Course pages were seeing a low conversion rate, even though users showed high intent. We included a call to action, urging users to contact a DLC Careers Advisor, rather than a Course Specialist, as this seemed more encouraging for conversion.
  • Through analysing Google Analytics data and session recordings, we identified that users tended to bounce off the homepage, as they couldn’t find what they were looking for quickly enough. We therefore introduced additional content on specific courses ‘above the fold’, to help users easily find the information they needed to convert.
  • Enhanced the Call to Action (CTA) by directing users towards a form to Claim Your Free Career Assessment, replacing the previous Get in Touch option.


Return on Investment (ROI)

for the client in just the first year as a result of this strategy

To find out how to drive your business forward with our results-orientated teams, speak to Scott or Neil for a friendly chat today.


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