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Distance Learning College & Training Salesforce (DLC)

Distance Learning College & Training: Measuring The Quality Of Online Leads


  • Track customer all the way through the sales process.
  • 22% reduction in CPA from PPC campaigns.
Image shows DLC and training

The key problem:

DLC & Training came to Silverbean with a business objective of driving more leads through digital marketing channels. However, the internal business had little visibility of which campaigns drove leads, and which online enquiries resulted in enrolled students. This is especially challenging as a student may be in the sales pipeline for many months before enrolling.

Who is the client?

Distance Learning College and Training (DLC) is the UK’s leading distance learning provider. DLC is renowned for their unrivalled support packages, industry expertise and dedication to helping each learner achieve the qualifications they need to succeed.

Core objectives of the campaign

  • Track the full customer journey from website visit to student enrolment.
  • Record Return on Investment (ROI) from marketing channels and use data to improve campaign optimisation.
  • Increase onsite conversion rate.

The Silverbean approach to the objective


  • The aim of the project was to close the loop on the customer journey. DLC was finding it challenging to identify which leads from the website were driving offline conversions. This meant that the team were not supported to optimise for higher quality leads.


  • Worked with the DLC team to understand which offline conversions were most important to the business.
  • We then linked together Google Analytics and Salesforce. This allowed for the passing of data between the two platforms, allowing for a better view of the full customer journey.

When most of your conversions happen offline, it is almost impossible to accurately assign marketing budgets effectively. By closing the offline and online loop, we can now effectively associate offline conversion events with online marketing campaigns.

To find out how to drive your business forward with our results-orientated team, speak to Scott or Hannah for a friendly chat today.

Image shows Scott and Pete from Silverbean

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Image shows DLC and training

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