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Ethical Superstore – PPC



  • Generated £25,361.91 of revenue over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period (up 167% from same period last year).
  • Conversions up by 148% compared to 2015 from 308 to 748.
  • Average order value increased 15% from brand and 5% from non-brand.
  • ROI% increased from 701% to 1156%.
Image shows Silverbean client, Ethical Superstore branding

The key problem:

Ethical Superstore wanted to improve on the performance of the Black Friday ad campaigns for 2016 on the previous year. Their aim was to generate even more sales and revenue, to allow them to donate more food items to food banks.

Who is the client?

Ethical Superstore offers the largest range of Fair Trade, organic, vegan & eco-friendly products from around the world. For Black Friday they offered 20% off all products and for every order over £30 they donated one item to food banks.

Core objectives of the campaign

  • Increase YoY donations.
  • Increase YoY sales from new customers.
  • Raise awareness of Ethical Superstore.

The Silverbean approach to the objective:


  • Increase non-brand activity to increase conversions from new customers.
  • Gain additional traffic and sales by promoting offer to previous web site viewers.


  • Brand and non-brand Black Friday ads.
  • Live countdowns in ads to the end of the offer.
  • Highlighted food bank donations in ad copy.
  • Black Friday ad extensions.


increased from 701% to 1156%.

Overall this allowed for Ethical Superstore to donate even more food items to the Newcastle West End food bank.

What the client says

Silverbean have dedicated time to really understanding Ethical Superstore’s commercial goals and unique product range. This really does show in the results that we have seen, 2016 was our best Black Friday on record, and I would not hesitate to recommend Silverbean’s paid marketing expertise to anyone.

Peter Leatherland

Online Sales Manager

To find out how to drive your business forward with our results-driven campaigns, created to meet your business objectives, speak to Bianca for a friendly chat today.

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