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Godiva: Customer Resonance

Godiva: Customer Resonance


A/B adverts where insights-led descriptions were the only difference delivered:

  • 8% improved click-through rate of brand ads.
  • 12% improved click-through rate of non-brand ads.
This image shows the Belgian store for client Godiva

The key problem:

Despite the brand’s 1920s heritage, brand awareness of Godiva in the UK is low and the chocolate marketplace is crowded. Godiva’s online conversion rate was declining and they wished to better understand their customer and how to resonate with them throughout the customer journey to improve this.

Who is the client?

Godiva chef chocolatiers use only the highest quality chocolate made from 100 percent cocoa butter in the creation of Godiva masterpieces, for that unique richness and depth of flavour that delights their customers’ senses.

Core objectives of the campaign

  • Increase annual online turnover.
  • Raise awareness of Godiva in the UK – and the fact customers can buy online.
  • Encourage brand loyalty and repeat customers.

The Silverbean approach to the objective


  • Identify and understand Godiva’s ideal customer in more depth and assess current position.
  • Give the user a compelling reason to buy Godiva by effectively communicating the benefits, and creating a positive reflection of the brand.


  • Carried out a full customer insights process to identify Godiva’s ideal customer and their journey.
  • Conducted an analysis of current performance against this customer and their journey and made a number of recommendations.
  • Ran messaging A/B tests using PPC adverts in a sequence to identify elements working – first by increasing evocative language, then by adding specific messaging to address pain points and benefits sought to resonate, then by adding in a promotional P&P offer.
  • Using results from brand campaign, we amended copy of ads for non-brand campaign.

Using customer insights to create messaging that resonates more effectively with Godiva’s customer has improved their PPC click-through rates.

What the client says

“I’m delighted with the results of our PPC ad testing for our brand campaign. The inclusion of insights into the description has made a difference to the campaigns versus our original ad copy. The insight reports we received gave us a strong direction on adaptations we could consider testing. These included language, tone of voice, specific benefits to highlight and pain points to address. I look forward to taking the results of these initial tests forward to further tests and being able to confidently roll out the findings into our wider marketing activities to further enhance our performance.”

Ariane De Merlis

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