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Red Savannah – PPC



  • 161% YoY increase in conversions.
  • 80% YoY increase in conversion rate.
  • 21% YoY reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA).
Image shows Silverbean client Red Savannah's branding

The key problem:

Red Savannah wants to grow enquiries and, ultimately, bookings for both their tailor-made travel and luxury villa rental divisions. Our challenge involved generating more enquiries while staying ahead of ever-changing availability. It’s also important to highlight that the increased mobile search volumes have put pressure on the travel sector to improve non-desktop site experiences.

Who is the client?

As a premium tailor-made holiday and luxury villa specialist, Red Savannah pride themselves on going the extra mile for clients and offer the most memorable trips imaginable. Their extensive selection of luxury villas are located worldwide and predominantly appeal to clients in the UK and US. Their target audience is well-travelled and sophisticated; often going off the beaten track to discover new locations through the eyes of locals and specialist guides.

Core objectives of the campaign

  • Increase enquiries and bookings.
  • Improve conversions rates.
  • Lower CPA.

The Silverbean approach to the objective:


  • Seasonality influences.
  • Mobile.
  • Luxury Differentiation.


  • Seasonality – Working closely with the Red Savannah team, we prioritised destinations based on accommodation availability; taking research-to-booking habits for both UK and US vacationers into consideration. Seasonality plays a huge part in the decision making process and we made sure budget was weighted in favour of higher search volume times of the year in order to maximise conversion rates.
  • Mobile – A complex and expensive purchase, like a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, requires extra website visits and a more hands-on approach to securing bookings meant that click-to-call ad extensions were a vital addition to the campaign.
  • Luxury Differentiation – We adapted ad copy to appeal to a less price-conscious traveller looking for a carefully crafted experience.


YoY increase in conversion rate

What the client says

Our company operates in an exceptionally competitive environment with complex seasonal considerations. Silverbean has dedicated time to really understanding us as a brand and they have carefully shaped our PPC strategy in line with this. This truly shows in the results, I would not hesitate to recommend their PPC expertise to anyone!

To find out how to drive your business forward with our results-driven campaigns, created to meet your business objectives, speak to Chris or Hannah for a friendly chat today.


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