Quite often, you can get so bogged down with the detail and complexities of SEO, that the imperative basics like Local Search Optimisation can be forgotten about. It’s by no means less important (and for retailers, let’s say, it’s pretty damn significant!), but we’re all guilty sometimes of looking too much at the bigger picture.

With more high street retail stores closing down, the increase in online shopping and the necessity for bricks-and-mortar stores to still exist, balancing online and offline can be quite the battle.

Our 3-part guide to Local Search Optimisation aims to put an end to this struggle.

In this first chapter, Senior Search Marketing Consultant and avid Local SEO fan, Andy Robson, takes you through how Local Search Optimisation and Google My Business can help you drive footfall to your store or business, without causing your online presence to suffer.

In data recently released by Think with Google, it was revealed that 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information. They want to find addresses, store opening hours, availability and directions, but it’s startling that so many retailers and marketers are still failing to deliver against this demand.

It’s not about focusing on one approach over the other, it’s about having a digital strategy that allows you to drive the necessary footfall to your stores, for those who need things ‘right now’ or who don’t actually want to shop online.

Given that 18% of local searches result in a purchase, versus only 7% in non-local searches, the audience is there for the taking, and effective implementation of local search optimisation techniques can drive a positive impact on footfall to your store, business or shop.


Well… whilst a large number of elements used in SEO are also applicable to local search optimisation, there are a few unique elements that make local search optimisation extra cool. We’ve developed this guide in-house, with the aim of guiding you through the ‘must-haves’ of any local SEO strategy.

It’s very much a top-level view of a local search optimisation strategy, so if you need to go a little deeper to achieve very specific goals, you can always talk to us for further information.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 and 3, both due out this week, and you can download our complete Clicks to Bricks series via the Insights page very soon, too. For any queries or questions, drop your details into the contact form below and our team will do their best to help.

And for now, enjoy Part 1 of Clicks to Bricks…

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Pssst! As a sneak preview of Part 2, we’ll be looking at Duplication Issues, Schema and Citations, so don’t miss it!