Since launch, the brand has gone from strength to strength, harbouring millions of global fans who have fallen for Charlotte’s cult-worthy, red-carpet product. With a focus on creating ‘the most beautiful version of yourself’ through her wardrobe of ‘looks’, curated collections, and step by step YouTube tutorials, it’s not hard to see just how the Charlotte Tilbury brand is garnering such well-deserved recognition.

Charlotte Tilbury is stocked worldwide on and since April 2015, we’ve managed their UK affiliate program, later also adding their programs in the US, Canada and Australia.

During this time we’ve built strong relationships with both key generic and content affiliates to boost brand awareness through the use of appropriate influencers and bloggers.

Content has always been a strong focus for the brand, allowing the USP’s of this luxury line to be easily conveyed to a wide audience through a brand-conscious approach.

Taking this into account, a blogger gifting strategy commenced at the start of the year, and continued on a regular basis to coincide with every key product launch.

For Christmas 2016, Charlotte Tilbury tasked Silverbean with the job of ramping up the level of blogger outreach activity through the UK affiliate program in the wake of the launch of Charlotte’s Gift Shop – a carefully curated selection of products perfect for stocking fillers or Christmas presents.

The aim of the campaign was to increase the level of content, and consequently engagement, received during this most incremental of times, utilising key influencers and bloggers and their position within the customer journey.

In order to achieve this, Silverbean planned out a strategy for blogger outreach during the festive period which would effectively meet these targets and successfully promote Charlotte’s Gift Shop.  You may have already downloaded our complete guide to Blogger Outreach (if not, you can do so here!), but this blog post is all about how we’ve put our recommendations in the guide to practice – with great results at the end of it.

One of the first steps in the planning stage was to recognise just where bloggers and influencers sit within the customer journey:

Image shows the Silverbean customer journey and you can see where influencers sit throughout the journey

Bloggers and influencers can be found within the following stages: Motive Development, Research and Evaluation, ultimately illustrating the power they wield in terms of influencing the consumer thought process.

As we needed to increase the number of publishers we gifted with product, which, in turn, would translate into quality content, Silverbean needed to look to a wider overall blogger pool, whilst also utilising existing blogger relationships we had worked hard to nurture throughout the year.

To do this, we focused efforts on discovering new bloggers who fit seamlessly with the Charlotte Tilbury brand aesthetic, as well as looking to bloggers we had already gifted throughout the year to coincide with other product launches, and whom we already saw fantastic results from.

In addition to utilising existing knowledge, there are also a variety of digital tools which can benefit your campaign and the planning stage. Followerwonk works in conjunction with Twitter, and allows you to analyse and optimise both follower growth and the influence this following wields.

By analysing followers on a more granular level, such as by location/frequency of activity/engagement level, this will effectively allow you to connect with new influencers in your chosen market.

Buzzsumo is another tool which will aid you in your blogger selection process, allowing you to discover which publishers rank well for your competitors, and consequently who you should be looking to target when it comes to your own outreach efforts.

By gifting a combination of new and existing bloggers with this campaign, we effectively boosted engagement levels with readerships who were already familiar with the brand, as well as introducing Charlotte Tilbury to a vast new audience.

Silverbean managed the entire process of the campaign, from initial publisher sourcing, to outreach communication and co-ordinating product send out to each blogger.

The Results

When considering the results and effectiveness of a gifting influener campaign like this, it’s imperative to recognise the form such results may take.

A content outreach campaign will reap entirely different results to that of a campaign with your generic voucher code and cashback publishers. By acknowledging this from the planning stage, you can then set realistic goals for your campaign based upon both Return on Attention and Return on Investment.

The importance of both Return on Attention and Return on Investment for affiliate programs can be seen in this previous post by Eleanor Stafford.

Generally speaking, Return on Attention is a far more successful KPI to measure the success of your outreach campaign than in terms of monetary return. Engagement levels such as Instagram/Twitter/Facebook likes and follows are a good indication of how successful the campaign is, and how well suited your influencers are to the campaign as a whole.

ROA can ultimately lead to driving long tail conversion further down the line, and should never be overlooked in favour of instantaneous conversion, as both offer intrinsic value to your campaign and affiliate program as a whole.

So what results did we see from the Charlotte’s Gift Shop blogger outreach campaign?

Gifting of the Dreamy Look in a Clutch to blogger duo, A Style Album

We gifted the bloggers behind fashion and beauty blog, A Style Album, with the “Dreamy Look in a Clutch” from Charlotte Tilbury during December 2016, having not gifted them previously for a number of months.

The duo went on to feature the product in a gift guide as well as on their Snapchat channel, utilising four new rewardStyle links to the brand, and generating 3 sales from this activity alone, meaning a strong 75% of the links used generated revenue for the brand.

Image shows Charlotte Tilbury Bloggers 'Astylealbum'

Gifting of the World of Legendary Parties Advent Calendar to Irish fashion and beauty influencer, Suzanne Jackson of SoSueMe.

Suzanne featured the calendar on her Snapchat, and although this exposure was untracked, she also went on to include another Charlotte Tilbury gifting product within a Christmas gift guide on her blog, using rewardStyle linking.

This was the first time we worked with her for Charlotte Tilbury and we saw incredibly strong results from this. During the month of posting, SoSueMe became the second highest revenue generating blogger on the program.

Images shows SoSueMe snapchats for the Charlotte Tilbury Blogger Outreach

In addition to this, her Instagram post depicting the Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink lipstick was the most liked beauty post she placed live during that relevant week.

rewardStyle Linking

The majority of bloggers gifted utilised rewardStyle linking, and consequently we saw performance of this sub-network as a whole greatly increase when comparing year on year data for this time period.

During December 2015 there was no blogger outreach activity through the program, compared to the substantial amount we organised for Christmas 2016.

The positive effects of such a campaign can easily be seen when considering the following KPI’s over a 5 week period year on year, running from 1st December through to January 8th:

  • Total revenue generated: +307.26%
  • Total traffic driven: +181.42%
  • Total number of orders placed: +384.42%

Silverbean’s blogger outreach campaign for Charlotte’s Gift Shop successfully highlights just why influencers can be so integral to your affiliate content strategy, and illustrates their key positioning within the customer journey.

Image shows rewardStyle for the Charlotte Tilbury Blogger Outreach work

By harnessing their unmistakable influence, you can effectively utilise gifting campaigns to drive forward your long tail affiliates, improving the performance of your content publishers and ultimately ensuring a healthy, well-rounded affiliate mix on your program.

For further information on the importance of an effective Influencer Campaign, or to discuss your requirements in greater detail, get in touch at the bottom of this page.