NEWS FLASH! Yesterday, the 2016 edition of The Drum’s Digital Census was released and we’re very proud to reveal we’ve done pretty damn well. That’s right, for a second year running, we’re officially an Elite Agency…

In a year of some pretty surprising poll results, we can’t say we were too surprised to discover our increased rankings for the 2016 edition of the census. The report ranks over 150 national agencies over a number of disciplines, taking into account their financial performance, client feedback as gained through the RAR and then combines it to churn out who’s the best of the best: the Elite Agency list.

Our growth over recent years has meant that Silverbean is now termed a mid-size agency, so the stakes are somewhat higher, however we’re pleased to report that regardless of size, we’re still maintaining our edge: outstanding client experience.

So, now I’ve built the suspense a little, here are Silverbean’s ratings in the 2016 Digital Census:

We were ranked 4th in the Client Ratings category, with clients remarking that we’re “a true extension of our own team” and our “personable, personality-filled and proactive staff” also received several shout-outs. Big well done, Team Silverbean!

In the financial league tables, we jumped up from the 1-25 staff category to the 26-50 group and were placed a very respectable 23rd, which is a great debut in our new category. Like client results, we expect to see this continue to grow as we win more exciting new business from fantastic brands.

Finally, as a combination of our rankings across Client & Financial (and as the title of this very article suggests!) we also scored Elite Agency status, officially ranking 9th amongst fellow agencies of our size. What a great achievement!

A spot in the Elite Agency list officially places Silverbean as one of the top-performing agencies in the country, with The Drum describing us amongst “the cream of the crop”. Yep, we think so, too!

We’re also delighted to say that we’re amongst friends, with our esteemed partner agency, MMT Digital, ranking in the Elite Agency 51-99 staff group in 4th place. Big well done to the outstanding team at MMT for their performance in this year’s Census!

So if you’re on the hunt for a new digital partner and like the sound of an outstanding client experience, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our Results, exclusive digital Insights and our Blog to gain a little extra info about our officially Elite Agency.