Facebook have announced yet another update, set to roll out to users very soon. Last month, a launch video was released detailing the way our newsfeeds are set to change.

This ‘new look’ newsfeed will be unified across different devices, taking a bit of a ‘mobile’ look, so no matter whether you are on a PC or laptop, a tablet, or a Smartphone, it will all look near enough the same. Finally!

One of the key elements is the claim that the newsfeed will ‘bring stories to life’ with the creation of a more visual home page, focusing more on visual content. Stories with images will be larger as we would already expect to find on a tablet or mobile. The Facebook home page will appear to be widescreen, which will highlight stories and what friends are currently sharing.

There will also now be multiple feeds, allowing users to filter what they see, such as all photos that friends have uploaded, or brands and celebrities through a new ‘following’ feed.

While ads will be more prominent, now appearing in the news feed, the button to hide the advert will become much more obvious. The aim of the update is to de-clutter and give a much cleaner interface.

What does all this mean to you? How can you prepare for this update?

Focus on visual content

Use images or videos where you can, as these will now be much bigger and therefore much more likely to draw the user in. Create something witty, thought provoking, funny, or something that will really spark a discussion and that people will want to engage with and share with their friends.

Revise your advertising

If you use Facebook ads, currently they can be quite easily ignored (particularly on PC, just don’t look down the side!) but when they appear slap-bang in the middle of the news feed, as they can do on mobile devices and tablet PCs, this will become harder for the audience to simply ‘not look’ at. You may find that it is good for your brand because more people will have to look at it, but remember that hiding your advert will be much easier. Ideally, have something they won’t want to hide!