keepitrealAn increasing number of enlightened business owners have cottoned on to the idea that a solid content marketing strategy is required to drive an online business. Of course, the painstaking interventions of Google Panda and Penguin algorithms were something of an eye-opener and together with the growth of social media, the importance of web content is very much in the minds of digital marketers.

So, it’s clear that content marketing is going to be pinnacle to the success of online business for the foreseeable future, but do you see where content marketing is going? Google are asking for fresh, unique and original content that engages the reader. It must be informative and useful. Good content writers can do this all day – which means in several years, online businesses are going to be back to square one jostling for position in the rankings.

Real Company Stuff

I think it’s fair to say that despite Google’s recommendations, many of us are still creating content for Google rather than for our customers. Okay the content we’re creating is fresh and unique, it’s also probably quite useful and informative for some, but is it really being created with the customer in mind? In many cases I’d say not. Chances are the content you’re creating is helping you rank well for certain key phrases, but you’re not necessarily attracting the people that you actually want to engage with. You’re probably attracting people who’ve came across a nice piece of content that you’ve created, engaged with it but then never returned again.

Now what real company stuff refers to is creating content with your audience in mind. Have you ever sat down and thought about the kind of potential customers that you want to attract? Probably. But have you ever sat down and thought about what kind of content they’d find really useful or that might help them in their decision making process? Have you ever thought about what problems your product resolves and tailored content your content appropriately to ensure that you’re showing them you can resolve these problems? If the answer to these questions is no, then I don’t think it takes a genius to work out what you need to do.

In my eyes real company stuff involves taking a more consumer centric approach to your SEO; you should rank because you deserve to rank, not because you’ve kept Google happy. It will work in your favour too; after all, do it right and you’re attracting the kind of prospects that you want.

The Inbound Approach

Now inbound marketing is becoming bigger and bigger. If you don’t know about inbound marketing and inbound marketing strategy, you can read up here.

The basic concept involves attracting the right prospects using the right content, and then retaining their interest and nurturing them by continuing to provide content that you know they’ll find valuable.

Real company stuff essentially uses the same concept. So, stop trying to please Google, work to please your customers and prospects, and you’ll keep Google happy in the process.