What is Google Express 2.0?

Currently still in beta test, shopping actions are available on Google Express for a selection of major US retailers and brands who offer a large product assortment accessible through the Google Express site or app. This image shows the google express programme working

While the rollout is in beta, both retailers and consumers will test the infrastructure and eventually the feature will become more widely available. For now, the conditions for this are under wraps, but could involve minimum ad spend and product/stock levels.

The need for brick and mortar stores is likely to be less important with this update, meaning that Google Express may well become available to online-only retailers in the US, UK and globally over the next few months.

What does this mean for your digital marketing?

Google has begun displaying shopping actions in search results within the ad section of the listings.

The setup of this product catalogue is still rooted within the Merchant Centre, so this would likely be an option best managed by your PPC team, however this does blur the lines between Paid and SEO as the listings are reported to be free.

We’re certain that the next Google Express developments are sure to make reaching new customers easier, but if you’re looking to achieve this even sooner, our friendly PPC experts are always happy to chat through how Google Shopping could impact your business.

What next?

At present, this feature is only available to select US retailers, but is likely to hit the UK in the coming months.

There’s a handy video here if you want to learn more, and as Premier Partners we have first-look access at the newest Google product betas, so we’ll be the first to let you know when the feature is available in the UK.

Shopping campaigns are a key part of all ROI-driving campaigns; check out our approach to shopping here or get in touch if you’re looking to get higher performance from your products.