It’s the equivalent of the VIP room in a super-cool club. Yep, that’s right… Silverbean is now a Google Premier Partner agency.

We love to share a spot of midweek good (great!) news with you all, and today we have something extra special to announce.

We’ve been awarded Google Premier Google Partner status, based on the great work coming from our Paid Marketing team.

Image shows Silverbean's Google Premier Partner badge to support announcement of new Google status

This new status has been saved for Google’s biggest and best agencies who are continually delivering great results, developing campaign manager skills and constantly seeking new opportunities for clients.

This means that as well as attending industry best-practice events and getting the first look at new AdWords tools, we can continue to put clients forward for beta tests using the latest technology. Big time perks, right there!

Recent involvements have seen our clients Berghaus and L.K.Bennett launching the extended text ads; the biggest change to search ads in the last 15 years. And we look forward to recommending even more clients for bigger and better product betas in the coming months, so watch this space and take a peek at our complete case studies page for updates.

A factor for Google Premier Partner status is keeping abreast of the newest AdWords tools and passing rigorous qualifications in all aspects of paid marketing; search, shopping, display, video and mobile. Proof that our team know their stuff and take an active interest in new technologies!

As an agency on a mission to take client performance to soaring heights, make a difference and stay on the cutting edge of all things digital, we’re super proud to receive this recognition in the eyes of Google.

Contact us to find out how our Paid Marketing Managers and the rest of the Silverbean team can get more from your digital marketing activity. For a little more information on the Google Premier Partner status, you can read all about it right here.