Asda is one of the largest companies in the UK and so it makes sense that they have a high social media presence on the most popular social networking sites.


Asda has over 850,000 likes on its Facebook page and posts an update at least once every day, although some days there can be many more and there are even posts on weekends with relevant topics to get their audience into discussion.

Almost every update contains an image. This could be because they have been gearing up for the new Facebook update, but it also makes their share-able content more interesting. Updates vary from promoting new products, to sharing recipes, informing their followers about charity work they are involved in, and they even run the occasional competition or giveaway. Many posts come with text along the lines of ‘Like this if…’ or ‘Share this to…’ in order to try and spread their message further, which appears to work very well.

While the main Asda Facebook page does have updates on the George range, George at Asda have their own separate account for posting updates specific to the clothing range.


Asda’s Twitter boasts nearly 110,000 followers and updates at around the same frequency as their Facebook account.

Because of the character restriction on Twitter’s posts, Asda links out to external sites in almost every single post in order to get their full message across. They don’t use very many image posts, posting once every month or two, which is perhaps something that could be embraced a little better.

Another thing Asda could improve would be their use of hash tags. Quite a small proportion of their posts actually contain hash tags, so they are unlikely to start a trend any time soon.

Like so many large brands, Asda tends to churn out marketing tweets, but very rarely respond to mentions or comments from their followers, which is a big part of social media.

On the whole, Asda could do a lot more with Twitter to make it work even better for them.


Asda has an established presence on LinkedIn and they do well to tailor their content to suit the professional audience that the site attracts. They gear everything they post towards recruitment and business development and generally link people up to Asda’s official recruitment site, instead of promoting products and services.

Because Asda run services such as pharmacies and opticians, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for them to connect with these types of professionals and to share opportunities within their company with a wider audience.

The also give insight about what it is really like as an Asda employee, using videos and staff testimonials.

On the whole, Asda has a good balance of social media usage, particularly their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, but there are some things, especially some of the functions on Twitter, that they could do better in order to really engage with the people they are targeting.