segmentsEvery good butcher, grocer and bubble tea seller knows that having a good relationship with their customers increases the chances of said customers returning, buying and passing on their pleasant experiences to friends and family.

This is simply how business works, and if you’re selling a product that’s not unique to you then the chances are that if you’re offering excellent customer service then your customers will be willing to pay just that little bit extra purely because it’s you.

It’s easy to say that all trade is good business because you’re making money however, not all customers are necessarily the same and some will offer you more value than others.

Firstly, in order to understand which of your customers are of most value, you need to know who they are. Data collection enables you to continue your customer service online or by post and ensure you’re able to make your most valuable customers feel really special.

But what makes one customer any different from another? Below are a few different types of customers that are definitely worth going that extra mile for.

The big spenders

Obvious, but worth remembering, that customers who place a large order are indeed a very valuable commodity and worth treating as such.

Regular returners

These customers may not be the largest buyers but they come back time and time again making the bond with your brand extremely strong.

Social sharers

It’s reckoned that customers either share something that’s exceptional or disastrous and from social media to the school gate, likeminded peers will listen to their views.


All feedback, in theory, is good feedback so make sure your channels are open and that you respond personally and with feeling no matter what the grievance or words of thanks.

Time savers

They’re quick, to the point and pay on time without causing you endless amounts of hassle and untold man hours – gold dust.

Once you can identify your most valuable customers then it’s time to treat them with the respect they deserve as it can take years to create customer loyalty and just seconds to throw it all away. Target, personalise and improve your service by communicating to customers with relevant newsletters, emails, special offers and social media updates.

If a customer feels special then they’ll pass on the love to their friends and really appreciate being given a special offer or a discount that’s just for them. Imagine getting a Christmas card from your butcher to say thanks for your custom – you know where you’ll be going for your sausages in the New Year!

Remember, a customer may be small fry at first but they can grow so, treating all customers with the respect of your largest purchaser will keep them all warm and cosy until they’ve grown into one of your most valuable assets.

In a nutshell: understanding your customer base is paramount to building better relationships and a better business. Reward, enforce and encourage because in these days of savvy shopping you’re never more than a click away from losing a sale to the new chap down the road.