When Twitter went mobile in January 2013 with their video platform “Twitter Vine,” it opened up a pearl gate of opportunity for online advertisers. For those of you not familiar with Twitter Vine, it is an iPhone app that enables users to record a video which loops every six seconds.

In its first couple of months it is already hugely popular and scores of ideas of how business can use the Vine, along with ways how not to us it have surfaced on the internet. In short, the mobile application is the latest way for social media marketers to interact with their audience and promote their brand.

How businesses can take advantage of Vine

The importance of Twitter Vine balances on two key factors; the need for brands to interact with their audience and that in 2014 there will be more people browsing their web on their mobile handsets than there will on a desktop PC or laptop. Portable devices equipped with 3G and 4G internet connectivity also makes video content accessible at quicker speeds and there is a strong likelihood the next consumer trend will be purchasing products on the strength of video content.

Brands therefore need to find intriguing and exciting ways in which to engage an audience in a 6-second bite-sized teaser of their products and services.

In a report published by Forbes Magazine, consumer analysts determined the brands that experienced the fastest growth in 2012 were those who created compelling stories and appeared more human to their audience. The over-riding power tool for them to achieve that was social media networks.

Engaging customers with video content

Statistics show that a staggering 92% of mobile users share video content which is significantly higher than the number of web users that share links to web pages. The difficulty marketer´s face with Vine is how to influence consumers to visit their website using a six-second video as a stepping stone. The answer to that is in the same way you use the 140 character snippet in Twitter; evoke desire by creating intrigue or something that sounds like fun – depending on your product.

When running a social media campaign, the strategy not to use is to try and sell your product outright. Remember these types of networks are for sharing not selling. Twitter Vine is yet another cog in the video media revolution that is poised to engulf the world of digital marketing. To take advantage of this emerging technology, start planting your seeds in the Vine now so that when it blossoms you will be ready to be pick a ripe harvest.