IGTV is likely to fast become the go-to platform within the influencer world, as the service allows users to create their own standalone channel for vertical videos. Uploaded videos can be up to fifteen minutes long for every user, and will bring the audience and creator closer together with the content fully optimised for the mobile-watching experience.

Most notably, creators can feature links within their IGTV channel, meaning they can start earning money straight away through brand partnerships. Here is how you can be ahead of the game and start earning today:

  • Open Instagram and select the IGTV icon in the top right of the page, or alternatively you can download the IGTV app separately
  • Click the wheel icon in order to create a channel
  • Once a channel has been created, it is as simple as selecting a ‘+’ icon in order to upload a video direct from your video roll
  • There will be a title and description field to fill out, and it is within the description field where affiliate links to featured brands and products can be added

Once the video is uploaded, the affiliate links can be clicked on to open another window, and if a user ultimately purchases an item, the creator will earn commission.

If you want any further information on how to use IGTV as an affiliate, get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help