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Influencing Influencers: A Complete Influencer Marketing Guide

Influencer Marketing opens up a host of new possibilities for brands to connect with consumers. By creating branded content with social influencers, it allows brands to amplify their message, create brand advocates and strengthen their image. We at Silverbean know that using social influencers as part of your online marketing strategy can be a daunting process to maintain, let alone start, so we wanted to make it easier…

As with all new concepts, many marketers haven’t yet gained the confidence to manage and track an influencer marketing campaign. Perhaps it is just that you’re just not sure where to begin, not sure who you need to get on board, or not quite sure of the knowledge you will need to possess to put a successful (and perhaps even award-winning!) plan into motion.


This image contains Influencer Marketing cartoons, Zoella, James Blackwell, Rand Fishkin, Zach Hofer-Shall, Rory Cellan-Jones

The internet is full of ‘Influencer Marketing and why you should be using it’ information but Silverbean’s complete guide to Influencer Marketing will provide you with insightful direction, on how to it is possible to create an industry-leading Influencer Marketing campaign.

You will find everything that you need to know, from the ‘who’s who’ in the social influencer world, to how to approach and engage with the major influencers that are relevant to your brand, all through the best multiple digital practices and techniques.

It is not unreasonable to assume that you’d also look to us to give you the right tools, to make sure that our expert guidance gains as much traction as possible for you, when you are interacting with your chosen influencers. Therefore we thought it would only be fair of us to share some of our knowledge and let you know the tools that we swear by for managing successful influencer campaigns. Make sure that you keep an eye out for the Silverbean Influencer Toolbox too, right here in our very handy little guide.

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