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Clicks to Bricks: Our Complete Guide to Local SEO Best Practice

The only Local SEO Best Practice Guide you’ll ever need. It’s all in here!

The savvy amongst you will know that this complete guide to Local SEO is actually the complete version of a recent 3-part special we did over on the blog. After many requests to have it in one place, we’ve done just that. Enter, the complete edition. In this Local SEO Best Practice compilation, Senior Search Consultant, Andy Robson, takes a look at exactly what you should be doing to effectively drive local search visibility.

Local SEO Best Practice guide - Clicks to Bricks - Silverbean

So, why do you need it?

Well, put simply, Local SEO is going to drive footfall and engagement to your store, shop or business. In recent months, we’ve seen many a retail juggernaut fall victim to their own websites, and this guide is here to tell you that simply, it’s not one or the other. Offline and online should work together to create a seamless site to store (and vice versa!) experience for all customers who take an interest in your brand.

We know this, because we’ve helped the likes of ScS and N.Peal to increase local SEO visibility through doing things properly. We understand that some retailers and businesses just won’t have the time to address everything a comprehensive local SEO strategy needs, but you at least need to understand it so you can ask the right people do do it for you.

What you’ll get from downloading our Local SEO Best Practice guide:

  • Actionable tips on Local Optimisation, Google My Business, Duplication Issues, Citations, Schema, Local Insights and Measuring Success. We call this bunch the non-negotiables when it comes to increasing local search visibility with the purpose of driving engagement and footfall.
  • Real-life client examples from some brands we’re currently working with on their Local SEO.
  • Independent research to support investment into Local SEO, if you’re struggling to show worth to your board of directors.
  • Further resources to help you become a Local SEO whizz-kid, enabling you to get started on this right away and start driving performance.

Of course, there are things in this Local SEO Best Practice guide that may be totally lost on you, and that’s ok, too. For any questions you may have, you can contact us, or drop Andy a line via email. He’ll be happy to discuss your needs and requirements in order to get you on to the road for Local SEO success.

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