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Customer Insights Guide: Easter

Seasonal events like Easter are often key drivers in a customer’s buyer journey, so we know how much marketers need to consider behaviour as part of their strategy to effectively make decisions that drive the bottom line. But where to find these endless insights? Well, here, actually.

In this free downloadable guide, our Customer Insights & Strategy manager, Neina Sheldon, has curated the best insight out there on the web to give you a comprehensive view into Customer Insights around Easter. We’ll be doing a number of these guides over the course of this year, aimed at helping you plan for seasonal events with the customer in mind, enabling you to get your offers right and create useful content that converts.

Easter Customer Insights guide by Silverbean

What’s covered in this special Easter edition of our Customer Insights report, you’ll discover:

  • Key insights across multiple industries
  • Easter-focused marketing ideas
  • Insights into customer spending around Easter
  • What are potential customers using Search for around Easter?
  • Insights into the confectionery sector
  • Shopping trends around the Easter period
  • A look into the opportunities that Easter presents for Travel marketers

Neina’s utilised a number of brilliant resources including Statista, YouGov, Mintel and data from the likes of Waitrose, to provide relevant and timely insights that can be used to drive impact across your campaigns – without requiring you to spend hours and hours doing the research. Knowledge is power, so when time is of the essence we know you need an extra helping hand to highlight the insight you need.

For further insight on Customer Insights and Strategy, you can check out some of Neina’s exclusive content via her profile page, or contact us to enquire about our insights workshops that can help you put the existing customer data you have, along with industry insights, to better use.

We’ve focused on Easter this time, but keep your eyes peeled over the course of this year for further insight guides that’ll help you around key calendar events!

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