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The Guide to Digital Investment

We’ve all been there. You know that an increase in digital investment will allow you more options to drive real growth, but your board members aren’t quite on the same page.

And that’s no disrespect to them. Why would they sit wondering about whether you deserve to get more money for spending on these “internet-y” things? They want to see ROI and they want you to spend as little as possible to get it.

But here’s the thing. Sometimes, you need further digital investment to achieve the ambitious performance objectives you’ve set your department, or even those “same as last year” targets, and it’s your job to do the asking and secure that investment.

At the critical time of planning for a new financial year, we’ve divulged our secret to the art of asking for digital investment, showing impact and being granted what you’re asking for.


Image shows link to Digital Investment post by Silverbean as part of digital campaign performance content series.

Our expertise in this area comes from countless times we’ve assisted our clients to build a business case for further investment. We understand that securing this is sometimes a bit of a balancing act, and there are multiple opinions from a variety of stakeholders that dictate whether your case is given the significance it deserves.

In this guide, we explain the key areas that will allow you to stress the importance of digital investment in terms of positive performance, get board-level support and deftly juggle internal politics, to allow you to put your case forward in the best way possible.

Whether that’s for an annual budget increase, approval for a new hire, content or website investment, or even just approval for a pilot project to show that you damn well know what you’re talking about! It’s all covered in this handy eBook.

So go on, download it for free! For further support on business cases, or if you want to see where your digital investment could be better spent, you can also access our complimentary bespoke Digital Performance Forecast.

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