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How Digital is transforming the Travel industry

How Digital is transforming the Travel industry

It’s no secret that the way customers book their travel experiences has been fundamentally changed by digital.

Through our work with exciting travel brands like¬†Explore, Red Savannah and Journey Latin America, among others, we’ve been able to gain an in-depth understanding of the travel industry and how digital can significantly boost revenue.

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So, we figured we’d put together a guide that covers the opportunities available to travel marketers as digital continues to transform the travel industry.

Created by Hannah Mattinson, Senior Paid Marketing Manager, with additional expert insight from Lisa Kelly, Content Marketing & Social Media Manager and Martyn Addison, Search Marketing Manager, this guide aims to provide unparalleled insights into the digital opportunities available to those who properly address the Customer Journey.

This elusive Customer Journey is something we’re wax lyrical about at Silverbean and if there was ever a time for travel marketers to get wise to their target customer’s ‘journey’ (in more ways than one!), it’s 2017.

So go ahead, click download and prepare yourself to learn ALL OF THIS:

  • INSPIRATION: Your customers find travel inspiration from all kinds of sources, many of them digital. It’s your job to identify these and BE THERE in their time of need. We explain how and what you need to do to be ever-present.
  • RESEARCH: We share insights that highlight how your customer is researching their desired destinations and travel specifics, enabling you to understand which channels can influence their decision.
  • CAPTURE & KEEP INTEREST: The importance of answering the questions your customers are asking on the web cannot be ignored. It’s the secret to capturing their attention and prompting them to book with you, when the time comes.
  • EVALUATION: Your customer has a plethora of information at their disposal, so the evaluation stage can be a lengthy process, unless you make it real easy for them. We share our inside scoop on the matter.
  • LET’S BOOK: Your prospective customer has reached the goal post! Now it’s time to help them convert. Savvy travel marketers should know that it’s about more than just your booking – you should be as helpful as possible to them, which could include recommending add-on products or services. We also share how you can capture the ‘ready to book’ audience via digital platforms.
  • POST-PURCHASE: Once they’ve made their booking, the marketing doesn’t stop! This is your opportunity to make positive brand ambassadors of your precious customers. With an overwhelming 76% of holiday-makers positing pictures during and after their trip, you’d be mad not to take advantage of the free UGC! We share our top tips.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our comprehensive guide to digital for the travel industry. Do share them with us via Twitter, or get in touch to discover more.

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