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Fault Free Festivities: Our Retail Marketing Webinar

Holidays are coming! access our retail marketing webinar to ace festive digital planning.

Several things in life are a dead cert: death and taxes, obviously, and the fact that Christmas is ALWAYS here before you know it. In the retail marketing world, it can sometimes feel like you’ve just caught your breath after the last holiday season, never mind having to start a new season.


retail marketing webinar graphic by Silverbean

We work with multiple clients in the retail sector, so our expertise in creating fault-free digital strategies to make the festive season as painless and successful as possible is limitless. In the interest of sharing, we wanted to create a webinar that will give retailers the opportunity to reap as much retail revenue as possible and start planning in advance, to ensure the right boxes are ticked and all campaigns are ready for the influx of customers as we approach Christmas and all of its craziness.

In this retail marketing webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The Customer Journey & the behaviours/expectations at every stage of the path.
  • What you need to do NOW to get started on delivering game-changing festive performance.
  • Emerging trends to look out for that will directly impact online retailers, both bad and good.
  • International holidays and key dates to consider to reach the global consumer.
  • Experience factors, such as mobile, and what you need to do to tick the right boxes and go from click to conversion no matter what the device.
  • Tools and tricks to make the festive period as pain-free as possible.

All of this, plus a Q&A with our panel of digital experts. Obviously, given that the webinar has already happened, we can’t answer questions on air, so if you have anything you’d like to know, you can find contact details for our presenters at the end of the webinar. You can also direct queries to our team on Twitter – simply @silverbean and use the hashtag #FaultFreeFestivities.

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