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How Retailers are putting the ‘Social’ in Social Consciousness

A look at how today’s modern retailers are turning customers into brand advocates through successful social media advocacy campaigns… (and tips to help you do the same!)

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Rewind back to 2014, when everyone from David Beckham to your Aunt Sylvia were drenching themselves with buckets of ice cold water to raise awareness for ALS (or MND if you’re here in the U.K), a devastating and invariably fatal neuro-degenerative disease that hadn’t had too many column inches until this: the most successful viral social media campaign in our history.

Not only was awareness raised, but £88 million along with it in less than a month. In July 2016, it was reported that a rare gene associated with ALS/MND has been identified, a major research breakthrough that was funded by the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Now, two years after the last buckets were tipped over, we have proof that it worked, and the immense power social media has to build a movement and really #MakeADifference.

Following this hugely successful social media advocacy campaign, there was a shift in the scope of social media. It was a clear statement that social media users want to feel like they’re part of something bigger. Something positive.


Image to support social media advocacy insight piece from Silverbean

So, how can brands take this approach and harness the power of a successful social media advocacy campaign?

In this eBook, we take a look at the likes of The Body Shop, EcoTools & Traidcraft, to explore how they’ve sold more than just a product or service, they’ve sold a movement that their customer can be part of.

Recent research has showed that more than half of millennials (ahem, there’s that word again) have shared information about causes or social issues online, with Facebook and Twitter being the most popular platforms for activity. Couple this with the recent revelation that 70% of millennial consumers would rather spend money with a brand that supports a cause and takes social media responsibility seriously.

Clearly, there’s a real opportunity for brands who embark upon a social media advocacy campaign – so we’re here to help!

So download our free and exclusive eBook to discover the secrets of successful social media advocacy, with recent brand examples and a comprehensive checklist to help you on your way in composing your own campaign.

We’d love to hear (via social media, of course!) how you get on, so please do drop us a line over on Twitter to share your feedback or stories of your own social media advocacy campaign.

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