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The Ultimate Guide to: Mobile PPC Campaign Success

The importance of mobile devices shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who is invested in digital marketing. It has been a gradual trend over a number of years now and has played an important part in many strategies. With mobile searches now consistently out ranking those performed via PC or tablet, can you afford to ignore this market any longer?

We take a look from a PPC perspective as to how you, as a business, can best maximise the potential that lies out there for your company to grow. You may be looking to increase customers engagement with your company on a more personal level over the phone, looking to use phone calls to deflect attention away from a mobile site that is lacking in development, or merely to get people downloading and engaging with an app of yours, this piece will go through all of best practices for optimisation.


This image shows the text The Ultimate Guide to PPC Mobile Campaign Success, on a mobile phone screen

Within this study, you’ll learn how the get the most from your mobile PPC campaigns, including:

  • Click-to-call ads allowing users to call directly from ads
  • Website forwarding numbers to track calls influenced directly from a paid ad click
  • Promote your ad with mobile app installs
  • Re-engaging with app users through deep links and compelling remarketing
  • Calculating the value of these actions to determine ROI

With these easy tips your mobile campaigns will be fully optimised to the way customers interact with their devices, and detailed tracking will allow return on investment to be calculated to show the true value of mobile within the overall user journey.

We at Silverbean feel that it would be really selfish of us to not share our expertise and we think that you’ll love our complete guide to mobile PPC campaign success. Take the time to muse through our PPC team’s insightful thoughts as to how best optimise your mobile market and how you can best ‘Future Proof’ your business!

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