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Understanding Customers: What makes them tick and click?

Do you truly understand what makes your customers tick and click? Are you using data to reveal real customer insight?

If not, how can you expect to delight your customers if you don’t fully understand who they are and what they want?

At Silverbean, we firmly believe in producing Useful Content , which simply would not work without deeply empathising with, and providing effective solutions for our customers. Sadly in the era of clicks and conversions, it has become all too easy to forget that customers are more than web users, or an interaction with a blog or social media post, but individuals with challenges, opportunities, pain points and opportunities.


Image shows Silverbean header for Understanding Customer Insight piece

We’ve created our guide to Understanding What Makes Your Customers Tick and Click, not only to encourage you to think about the customer, but motivating you to go one step further beyond demographics. Having not been shy about our opinions regarding targeting complete uniform groups such as Millennials, believing them to be ineffective and inconsiderate marketing practices, we show you how to create 3D customer profiles based on genuine customer insight.

The guide provides you with a list of tools, and offers suggestions on what information and trends you should be looking to pull from your qualitative and quantitative data to create a more human approach, allowing you to speak to your customers more authentically.

Accepting that both customers and marketers alike are wanting accessible, widely available and up to date useful content in the moment, we’ve narrowed down the research process for you and identified some key audience reads in our ‘further reading’ section so you can continue to add to your knowledge.

So, before you get started on creating a useful content journey which will enable you to create marketing strategies capable of driving Return on Attention, make sure to download this FREE guide to understanding what makes customers tick and click.

We’d love to hear how you’ve created and put 3D customer profiles into practice, so don’t forget to contact us via Twitter to let us know that you’re behind helping put an end to #PointlessMarketing through a more valuable and considered approach.

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