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The Silverbean Guide to Video Marketing Best Practice

Are you seeking the secrets to Video Marketing success? We thought you might be.

It’s all very well and good saying you want to nail a video marketing campaign, but getting things right with paid video marketing can often be a different story entirely. So, where to begin?

video marketing best practice guide by silverbean

Hannah Mattinson, Senior Paid Marketing Manager here at Silverbean, is a gal with the answers. So many answers, in fact, she was recently named in the Top 50 under 30 Women in Digital by The Drum and was shortlisted in Google’s Women in Search 2016. Not that we like to brag or anything.

But seriously, when it comes to paid video marketing, Hannah has the real insider scoop on video marketing best practice, and the non-negotiable elements you need to consider to make your campaign perform to its fullest potential.

So here’s a complete guide to video marketing best practice, from Hannah to you. In it, you’ll discover:

  • How to expand your reach by utilising related channels, the ones loosely tied to your industry that your target audience are watching.
  • Choosing the ‘right’ Specific Videos to promote your brand, along with key tips on the types of message you should be sharing.
  • Remarketing for video ads and the implications/opportunities remarketing can have on video marketing best practice.
  • Desired video ad formats to engage and enlighten audiences with your brand message, including Trueview In-stream Ads, Trueview Discovery Ads and Bumper Ads.
  • Preferred messaging that’ll tick every video marketing best practice box there is.
  • Examples from Berghaus and Snickers, showing how they’ve used paid video marketing to great success.

This FREE download should help you on your way with video marketing campaign planning, but for more more information on why you should even be considering video marketing in the first place, check out this blog post. To have more concise discussions about the budget required and the potential of running your own brand’s video marketing campaigns, you should talk to us.

Find out more about our Paid Marketing service’s Video service, check this out.

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