International expansion in any form is always fun; invest, expand, hire, rent and repeat in exotic lands.

Fantastic, a bundle of laughs and serious pennies to be made, but how do you replicate this online?

‘Why can’t we just do the same?’ you might ask. Well the web ain’t what it used to be, those chaps at Google are continually innovating change and we need to keep up the chase.
We need to continually ensure our international domains contain the latest XREF Lang tags,
HREF tags and all other manner of tags the World Wide Web contains.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of language tag implementation we need to decide what format your Global Empire will take. Will it all be under one domain umbrella or will each country get their own shiny URL? This decision should not be taken lightly, do not decide it down the pub after a long hard slog of a week, oh no, let’s take the time to consider the decision that will shape the continued growth of your (insert wonderful product) empire.

One Domain

This option allows you to keep all future expansion under your existing domain that should already have good rankings, backlink profile,
age, and domain authority (if you haven’t taken part in any shady hatted tactics). It also helps in keeping the brand message
consistent when rolling out new locations, as templates can often be duplicated and adapted across the world. This method has become
more and more popular since Google has introduced better targeting and language tools to understand where each country sub folder
is targeted.

Multiple Country Specific Domains

This option is based on creating a new domain that is geo-targeted to each country that you are moving your Empire into. It is an
approach that requires each site to have a dedicated member of the team assigned to it, so that the development, implementation
and management can be coordinated effectively. In some cases there are countries that require you to own physical office/shop space
in their region before you can own your own country targeted domain.

Both of these options are perfectly viable to use for your Global Empire but one will fit slightly better than the other depending on
the vertical you operate in.

Above is the choice in the simplest form, I wouldn’t recommend you make it on the paragraphs above (you can if you really like).
The decision should be made with SEO at the fore and I’m not just saying this because I work in the industry, it is common sense; if your
customers (the people that pay top dollar for your offering) cannot see your shop window (that fancy HTML 5 website you have just
paid top dollar for but screwed up because it isn’t indexed by Search Engines), then what is the point in making the decision
in the first place.

If you want more information on International SEO Expansion (I presume you do since you have made it down here) then read my handily placed
paper on it, if not then good luck, you may just need it!