New Releases

More advanced targeting: advertisers can now get even more specific with job titles, industry type and level of seniority to target to.

Lead-gen forms in Sponsored InMail – Sponsored InMail allows advertisers to create messaging which is delivered directly to a user’s LinkedIn mailbox. It’s more direct and personal than timeline ads. When you are reaching out through sponsored InMail you can now include a lead generation form that is already pre-filled with the LinkedIn user’s info, all they have to do is hit ‘enter’ to share with you.

Website demographics – Once a LinkedIn pixel is applied to a website, LinkedIn is able to let an advertiser know what type of professionals are visiting a site, broken down by job titles, seniority and industry. This is invaluable information to see if the correct demographics are being sent to a website through, either, paid or organic campaigns.

Custom conversion windows – This one is for the data-hungry! LinkedIn now allows us to customize the attribution period for leads and conversions from LinkedIn campaigns. This will attribute to more accurate reporting.

Upcoming Releases

Objective-based advertising – This is reminiscent of display ads in Google AdWords. Advertisers can now set an objective for each campaign, choosing from options like ‘Brand Awareness’, ‘Leads’ or ‘Sales’. This helps LinkedIn get your ads in front of the right audience, who are most likely to take the desired action.

Dynamic ads – LinkedIn uses your objectives and creative to personalize ads for users, depending on their industry, job title and more..

Automated bidding – This allows advertisers to take the guesswork out of setting bids. Simply put in a max bid for a click, and LinkedIn will work within that to ensure your ad reaches your desired audience.

Look-a-like audience targeting – This allows us to take our customer data and create lists of audiences who have the same habits, interests and careers as our current audiences. This is an audience type which traditionally works well on other social channels, so we are excited to see it roll-out on LinkedIn!

Updated reporting view – One of the more frustrating things about LinkedIn is that their reporting measurements are completely different from other platforms, like Google, Facebook or Twitter. However, it’s been announced the reporting will be more in-line with these other platforms from August 2018.