This week, Senior Search Marketing Consultant and resident Local SEO whizz-kid, Andy Robson, is providing a 3-part guide to the intricacies of a successful local optimisation strategy. This part, while more in-depth than the recently released first chapter, aims to aid retail marketers with the knowledge they need to drive impact from effective local SEO practices. Time to dive right in…

In Part 1, we looked at Local SEO Optimisation and Google My Business, however this section delves into the world of Citations, Schema and Duplication Issues, all of which can have a big effect on driving footfall to your stores, business or shops. These items are the influencing factors behind a successful Local SEO strategy and will go a long way to increasing your potential organic visibility.

Impact may take a little longer to happen via these methods, however they’re by no means less important.

With part 2 of the Clicks to Bricks guide, you’ll be well on your way to cleaning up Duplication Issues, with detail of the best tools in the industry to make the task less arduous. You’ll also learn about Citations – from what the heck they are and where to get them, all the way to improving citation consistency and manual citation building.

We also delve into the complexities of Schema, one of our top tips for clients here at Silverbean, with examples of code and ultimately, why you need to be investing the time to get your Schema in order. All in all, a short guide that packs a punch in terms of Local SEO insight.

Lastly, and following on from our recent post about Google Tag Manager by Optimisation & Analytics Executive, Scott McMullan, Andy talks through the role Google Tag Manager plays in Local SEO strategy implementation.

In the next edition of our 3-part series to make Local SEO Optimisation a doddle, expect to learn one heck of a lot about Reviews and why you need them, Location Insights and the key ways to Measure Success. Keep your eyes peeled right here, as we’ll be releasing part 3 before the week is out.

For now, here’s Part 2 in all its glory! Don’t forget to expand the page so you can view in in full-width.

Should you have any burning Local SEO questions, contact Andy himself via our Team page, on Twitter, or simply drop your contact details in the form below and we’ll be in touch to see if we can help out.